After tonight we’ll be a one cat family again.

Beanie back when she first arrived.

Beanie back when she first arrived.

You may recall that back in March of this year we took on another cat in hopes that she would keep Melvin company when we weren’t home. You may also recall that Melvin didn’t think that was such a great idea. He disliked that idea a great deal. Once he figured out that Beanie was a total pacifist who had no front claws of her own and would rather hide under my bed than fight back, Melvin pretty much laid down the law as to how things were going to be between him and Beanie.

In the seven and a half months since then, Beanie’s life has consisted of long stretches in one of two places: 1) the spare bedroom we had set up for her as a safe room when trying to get her accommodated to her new home or 2) my bedroom, usually under my bed. The only time she’s come downstairs — outside of a couple of times before Melvin stopped being afraid of her in the first two weeks we had her — has been when I’ve physically picked her up and carried her downstairs. We’ve had to close her up in the spare bedroom whenever we head out of the house for any amount of time (e.g. to go to work) or when we go to bed. No amount of dissuasion prevents Melvin from occasionally beating the shit out of Beanie when she’s out of her room so when she does venture out she spends a lot of time listening for any indication that he’s coming up the stairs.

Personally, I’ve felt terrible about this for a long time. Beanie is for the most part an absolute sweetheart who can be quite content to lounge with you for hours at a time. She just doesn’t handle dealing with other pets very well. I hate the idea of giving her up, but I think it’s the best for her in the long run. Even knowing that, however, I still feel sad at seeing her go.

And tonight is when she’ll be gone. Courtney is coming down from Grand Rapids to spend Thanksgiving weekend with us. She’s being dropped off by her mother, Kim, who provides foster homes for cats until they can find a permanent home. Turns out she knows someone who is looking for a cat that doesn’t already have any pets that she thinks will make a good home for Beanie. So when she drops Courtney off this evening she’ll be taking Beanie back to Grand Rapids with her.

I feel bad that I’m at work and won’t be there to see Beanie off when she leaves, but I couldn’t see the point in waiting until Sunday to take her up there when I drive Courtney back. That’s just four more days of being shut in a bedroom by herself. I wish I could’ve gotten Melvin and her to get along, but failing at that I’m hopeful she will find her next home to be much more accommodating.

8 thoughts on “After tonight we’ll be a one cat family again.

  1. Very sad — but you’re clearly making the right decision and on the right basis: what’s best for the Beanie. Here’s hoping for a good home for her, and some domestic tranquility for you guys.

  2. I’m not sure if it’ll be any more tranquil. Melvin saw her being carted out the door in a carrier and ever since I got home he hasn’t left my side or stopped talking to me. It’s almost like he’s worried I’m going to have him carted off as well. He’s laying next to my keyboard as I type this.

  3. Oh, thank goodness. I can see a happy ending coming out of this. By the headline I was afraid this was going to be another beloved-longtime-pet-on-her-deathbed story. Keep your chin up, Beanie.

  4. Beanie will probably find the new home a delight after being hampered by Melvin for so long. I agree it is the best thing to do.

  5. Mmmmh, sad. But probably best for the poor thing.

    And in between the lines I read your daughter is visiting? Hope that means you two are back to good close friends again? Or getting closer to it again at least? Sorry if I missed any comments of that sort recently, but I remember a post a few months back when you were really distraught over Courtney.

    All the best,


  6. Melvin’s ways may seem ( assholeish ) but I am sure he has his reasons. It would be so cool if we could step inside their minds for a few minutes and feel, think, and see what the world looks like from a cat or dogs point of view. I am a dog person..But I love all animals.

    I think you have made a good decision !

  7. Courtney is in town for the weekend, yes. We’ve been on good terms all along. I was just upset with the method in which she decided to tell me she was moving out. She was afraid of hurting my feelings and, in trying not to, she hurt my feelings. We’ve talked about it a couple of times since then and worked it out.

  8. I was just upset with the method in which she decided to tell me she was moving out. She was afraid of hurting my feelings and, in trying not to, she hurt my feelings. We’ve talked about it a couple of times since then and worked it out.

    Now that’s what being rational and caring is all about. Like Paul said, it would be cool if we could step inside someone else’s mind for a few minutes. We all tend to project on others what we, ourselves, feel and ignore what the other is actually feeling. Dialogue involves listening and talking, not just talking. How hard it is to listen, really listen!


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