A lazy post-Thanksgiving weekend.

I don’t have much to talk about at the moment, but thought I should post something. The last couple of days have been pretty busy what with Thanksgiving and visiting with Courtney and family friends. We’ve seen two movies so far this weekend: Planet 51 and Ninja Assassin. Talk about going from one end of the entertainment spectrum to the other.

Planet 51 was mildly amusing even if the story was full of moments when you thought to yourself “Why the fuck doesn’t he SAY something?!?” because all it would take is a little communication to smooth out the plot complications. The reason, of course, is it would make for a short movie. Still, it was aggravating when they’d pop up.

Ninja Assassin was full of over-the-top CGI violence which made it fun. One of the first deaths had a guy losing the top half of his head, which is probably the worst of the effects (in terms of “ack” factor) in the entire movie. If you can make it past that then the rest of the movie is a wild ride. The blood is CGI enhanced so that every time some gets so much as a nick from a razor they gush fountains of blood as though they weren’t really human, but just big walking bags of blood. It’s full of Ninja goodness and all the mystic powers they supposedly have.

Other than the movies it’s been a lot of hanging out, eating food, chatting up a storm, and watching TV. I’ve barely been on my computer in two days, which has led to some withdrawal issues. Hopefully the rest of you are enjoying your weekend as much as I am.

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