Why you shouldn’t shit in your own backyard.

Because it can come back to bite you on the ass:

CARLSBAD — A rancher in Kentucky called a nearby natural cave his “animal pit,” which he used to dump garbage and dead animals.

Surveyors went deep into the cave one day, and a metal pipe was discovered extending down from the ceiling. It was later determined to be the rancher’s drinking well.

He said his water tasted strange whenever it rained.

“Sometimes what we can’t see, can hurt us,” said Aaron Stockton, a cave specialist for the Bureau of Land Management.

This guy was basically using his water supply as a landfill and then wondering why his water tasted bad after heavy rains. I know Kentucky doesn’t have a reputation for breeding the smartest of people, but you’d think they’d at least recognize that dropping dead animals and garbage into a cave that also supplies them with their drinking water would be a bad idea. At the very least you’d think they might make the connection between the heavy rain, the garbage and decaying carcasses, and the foul water. Worse yet, the water table this moron was polluting supplied water to several wells in the area so he wasn’t just putting himself at risk, but his neighbors as well.

How much you want to bet this genius continues to dump crap in his cave even after being told he was creating his own problem?

10 thoughts on “Why you shouldn’t shit in your own backyard.

  1. He doesn’t have to just stop dumping in the cave.  Who get’s the job of cleaning up the water?  It can’t just be a question of removing the garbage if the water table has already been contaminated, or does it just go away “eventually”?

  2. Why shouldn’t you shit in your own backyard?  A question that the entire modern world should consider…

  3. I used to be fairly naive when it came to how stupid people can be, but since the advent of the internet it is on display on almost a daily basis. It just boggles the mind…

  4. I don’t know, Zilch… maybe just 80% of the entire world. The rest will be making all the money and killing each other.

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