SEB Pro Tip: When you’re accused of being a dangerous offender don’t threaten the prosecutor.

I’ve never been on trial so maybe I’m just ignorant of proper legal defense, but somehow this just seems like a bad move:

A Halifax Crown attorney filed a complaint with police after a man she is trying to have declared a dangerous offender lost his cool and shouted at her in a courtroom Tuesday morning.

“I hate your (expletive) guts,” Christopher Edward Newhook yelled at prosecutor Catherine Cogswell during a profanity-filled outburst in Halifax provincial court.

“I wish I could cut your (expletive) head off with a rusty hacksaw blade.”

But wait! There’s more:

Mr. Newhook, who is being sentenced for stabbing a man in the head two years ago in Halifax, also called Ms. Cogswell a maggot, parasite and goof and said her mother was a goof for having her.

A goof? Really? Is that the best you could come up with for an ending? You started off so promising in the Bat-Shit Insane Competition, but that dismount is going to cost you points with the judges.

3 thoughts on “SEB Pro Tip: When you’re accused of being a dangerous offender don’t threaten the prosecutor.

  1. “Goof” sounds a little lighthearted compared to the rest of his vitriol, but I’m at a loss to guess what he might have said instead that got misreported.

    Dude sounds like a nightmare anyway. I hope Cogswell succeeds in getting Newhook “promoted” to dangerous offender status.

    Doesn’t look like he was a fluffy bunny to begin with, either. Yeesh. What can be done for guys like that beyond getting them away from human beings?

  2. I know in Canada, being called a goof by someone that has been in the federal prison system isn’t nearly as light hearted as it sounds.  I was told by a former inmate that a “goof” is a child molester.

  3. Oh, I stand corrected. Thanks for the definition. I suppose I should watch who I tease, then. I often use goof as an affectionate moniker. Sucks to discover others might not take it that way.

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