Trailer for the documentary “Oh My God.”

Here’s a documentary that looks like it might be interesting. Filmmaker Peter Rodger spent two and a half years traveling to 23 countries asking people from all walks of life – celebrities to the common man and believers to atheists – a simple question: What is God?

There’s a longer four minute trailer at IMDB. I don’t know if I’ll pay money to watch it in a theater, but it’s a definite rental.

6 thoughts on “Trailer for the documentary “Oh My God.”

  1. I think this is such a great concept. do you know when it might be coming out in European cinemas? I think I will actually go to see it at the cinema, really thought provoking. The first thing I asked my self when I read about it was what7who do I think God is. It’s quite an interesting way of figuring out where you lay spiritually, and your own thoughts about faith etc.

  2. Not even sure when it’s coming out state-side, Tom, but if I hear anything about a release date in Europe I’ll post it here.

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