The Thinking Atheist on The Ten Commandments.

A short overview of what Christians consider the moral foundation of their religion:

3 thoughts on “The Thinking Atheist on The Ten Commandments.

  1. Ok, just trying to remember what I was taught in VBS…wasn’t there more than 10 but was condensed to 10?  Anyone?  Just curious and not interested enough to actually look it up myself.


  2. Well, there were the first ten, but Moses got pissed off at the idolaters and destroyed those. Then the second ten, which were supposed to be similar, but who proof read them? And, they were only applicable to His “chosen people,” the Israelites. So that’s 20, but maybe only 10, but it only works for a few people in the Middle East, so who cares?  cheese

    And, George Carlin reduced them to two, as I recall:

    And he added one.

  3. It is clearly shown in ‘History of the World: Part I’ that there were 15 until Moses dropped on tablet.

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