SEB Dumb Ass Mother of the Year Candidate: Margery Tannenbaum

Let’s say you have a 9-year-old daughter and she gets into a fight with a female classmate at school. What would be an appropriate response to that situation? Talk with the school’s principal? Contact the other girl’s parents about the fight? Or post the other girl’s name and phone number in a sex ad on Craig’s List?

The listing was allegedly posted after Tannenbaum’s fourth grade daughter claimed to have an argument with a 9-year-old classmate from her Smithtown elementary school.

Prosecutors say Tannenbaum, 40, then plotted revenge by listing the provocative e-mail address “,” and then giving out the girl’s first name and phone number when she received several responses.

According to court documents, the mother of the 9-year-old girl received a call from a man who, upon her answering, asked, “Hey baby, is this [girl’s first name]?”

When the woman told the man she was her mother, the caller responded: “Oh, hot lady lives with foxy momma!”

Said the girl’s mother: “I told him the hot lady you are referring to is 9-years-old.”

The caller then hung up, she said.

Here’s the kicker: Tannenbaum is a social worker.

So far, the Suffolk County district attorney is asking the state to review Tannenbaum’s social work license. She could be asked to undergo counseling and will be back in court next month, maintaining her innocence.

Tannenbaum was the classroom mother last year for the fourth grade, which included her daughter and the alleged victim. This year she was replaced.

You may have lost your spot as Classroom Mother, but you’ve earned a shot at the SEB Dumb Ass Mother of the Year Award! Congratulations!

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