Jon Stewart rips FOX News a new asshole.

Which is an impressive feat when you consider how many assholes FOX News already has.

It seems the Obama administration has been pointedly not talking to FOX News due to the fact that they’re basically the unofficial PR wing of the Republican party. Needless to say this has everyone at FOX News stamping their feet and crying censorship and whining about how the Obama administration is too dumb to tell the difference between the News side of FOX News and the Opinion side.

The Daily Show’s Jon Stewart helps to explain that difference for us:

Once again the hypocrisy displayed by Conservatives, in this case the Cons at FOX News, simply takes one’s breath away. It really is hard to imagine that it isn’t a cynical ploy on their part because they assume their audience is too stupid to remember how they praised the Bush administration for doing to MSNBC what the Obama administration is doing to FOX. Then again given the average intelligence level of a FOX News fan, that’s probably a safe assumption to make.

5 thoughts on “Jon Stewart rips FOX News a new asshole.

  1. Your right about the weird stuff that Fox tries to pass off on people. I mean the idea of trying to shore up sympathy for insurance company’s is remarkable. I don’t pretend to know what the answer is to our problems as a society. But I feel confident in the statement that neither the Dems nor the Reps have the answer. Both parties are a mirror reflection of the other. Both parties are in somebodies pocket. But to think that someone like Jon Stewart has anything of intellectual value to say is an insult to anyones intellegence. One thing I’m pretty sure of though, there is going to be a lot of blood shed before we as a society finally figure out, that we need to come up with a better plan. We can’t all be cheifs and we won’t be satlisfied at being just indians.

  2. AS always… I just think – WHY can’t the “REAL” news people as clear minded and truthful as my hero JON and the Colbert as well…
    and Bill Maher!?
    Can we create a NEW Liberal Independent party!? PLEASE! and get all the cool smart young people to join?

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