Even with both houses and the presidency the Democrats are still pussies.

You’d think that with a 60 vote Super Majority in the House and control of the Senate along with a Democratic president sitting in the oval office that the Dems might finally grow some testicles and get some shit done. You’d be wrong as Jon Stewart points out in this segment from The Daily Show:

It really is pretty fucking pathetic that not only can’t they get their own bills out of committee, but that the Republicans can. Not only are the Republicans able to drive policy while being in the minority, but they get to whine about how badly the Democrats are supposedly treating them. Yeah, it must totally suck having the majority roll over and give you everything you want while gutting their own initiatives.

Worst of all a fair amount of criticism has to fall on President Obama for not whipping his party into shape. Fuck bipartisanship. The Republicans have already shown that no matter what concessions you make, no matter how much you gut the legislation, they’re not going to vote for it and allow you anything that could remotely be claimed as a victory. It’s simply inexcusable that a robust health care reform with a public option, if not outright switching to a single payer system, hasn’t already been passed and put into effect. The only reasonable explanation is that the Democrats are a bunch of pussies who enjoy being fucked repeatedly by the Republicans.

Update: There’s at least one Democrat out there who has some balls and it’s Rep. Alan Grays. Check it:

We need more like him.

15 thoughts on “Even with both houses and the presidency the Democrats are still pussies.

  1. The only reasonable explanation is that the Democrats are a bunch of pussies who enjoy being fucked repeatedly by the Republicans.

    I think you have missed the mark, Les. It is not because the Democrats are a bunch of pussies. It is because we allow Corporations to wine, dine, and give out “treats” to our elected representatives. Democrats love money just like the Republicans do. In fact they need it to get re-elected so they have to roll over and sell out. THAT is the only reasonable explanation as to what is happening.

    Nothing that is in the people’s best interest is going to get done unless we have some serious campaign finance reform.

    You know the old saying…“follow the money.”

    If we had a system that made such practices highly illegal, we would flat out have a single payer system right now.

  2. When the Republicans are in office they take care of business as they see fit.  If people don’t like it then too effing bad. The Repubs aren’t there to kiss ass, they’re there to run things.

    When Democrats are in office they spend all their time trying to “reach out” to their opposition before they commit to anything.  If anything gets done it’s crap the Republicans demand and threaten very-bad-things if they don’t get.  Do you wonder why we’re so screwed?

  3. This Alan Grayson is a coward. Blaming the Republicans is the safe and easy thing to do. How can he blame the Republicans when they are powerless to stop the Dems from doing whatever they want.

    I’d be impressed if he grew a pair of balls and pointed out the real true problem. Corporations buying and selling our representatives to do their bidding.

    The Democrats have no excuse. They have failed and shown what their true colors are. The color of money.

  4. I thought the Daily Show was supposed to be funny but the reality of the situation is truly sad.

    Anyway, I think Alan missed a few points there. He should of first stated how he was making a point and if the Republicans stood for something else, where are they. Secondly he should of brought up Teabaggers and all the bullshit they are espousing. Ahhh so many missed opportunities.

  5. That’s Democrats for you… snatching defeat from the jaws of victory.

    The REALLY sad thing is that this can all be turned around next year and government can start to work FOR the people again.

    All it takes is for 51% of the voting public to stop trying to elect Democrats or Republicans.

    What are the odds?

  6. I blame the electoral system.

    There’s a quick way to bring down the Electoral college: If 70% or more of the public vote goes one way, and the Electoral College goes the other, that will be the last time the Electoral college meets.  I guarantee it.  You want to see a revolution, try telling 140 million people that their vote no longer really counts.

    You’re probably right about the odds though.  That’s a lot of wake-up calls that haven’t been heard yet.

  7. I dunno, Swordsbane. I haven’t experienced one first hand, but from the literature I’ve seen revolutions look like they pretty much suck. Even if it’s just a bunch of lame-asses and criminals in there, I wouldn’t wish even a fraction of our last couple of revolution’s consequences on us. I’ll put up with a lot of shit to save a few million lives. I guess I’m not all that principled when it comes down to it.

  8. Yeah, Revolutions suck but so does not having your vote.  At the very least, you’ll have 30 million Texans reach for their rifles and say “Oh really?”

    If the government doesn’t need to be scared of anything else, they certainly DO need to be afraid of a population that thinks that voting is useless.

    Not sayin I approve.  I’m just sayin.

  9. This is something that depressed me even before I hit the pub today.

    I’m a fan of Obama, and I’m a fan of the US democratic system, despite its flaws…

    But right now I want to slap them both and scream “snap out of it, man!”

  10. I have high hopes this will be the “Have you no decency?” moment for the health care debate, and for the Republicans. Grayson let ‘em have it with a full broadside, and miracle of miracles, Pelosi backed him up for a change.

  11. It appears – to me, anyway – Obama is so focused on being the hero (peacemaker style), that he sees nothing else.


  12. Obama didn’t arrive by rocket from Krypton, to be nourished by our yellow Sun.  He still needs Democrats in Congress to not be pussies.  We might like stronger language from him, but that won’t speed things.  I think he may be letting things play out, now that the conservatives have enough rope…

  13. I think Grayson is right on mark, and his RICH, so he doesn’t need any of the lobbyist money.

    Glad to see some of the readers recognize the ULTIMATE problem is that Corps are allowed to wine, dine, and buy off politicians. This one problem is destroying America.

    I know exactly what Obama’s big GOAL with this so-called reform bill is;

    He knows he won’t get universal care, but he is satisfied with the end of “Preexisting conditions”.

    That one change is a very big deal. Doesn’t help out the poor who will never afford health care though – he knows this and is counting on a better day.

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