Well that didn’t take long…

First registration on the test install of WordPressMU? A spammer going by the rather obvious name of “onlineinvestments.”

I put the friggin’ link to the test blog in a comment on a thread yesterday evening. Less than 24 hours later they’d found it and registered an account. No spam as near as I can tell, but you gotta give ‘em props on the speed.

16 thoughts on “Well that didn’t take long…

  1. Yeah, there’s something definitely wonky. Might have cropped up when I moved the system down to the root.

    The more I think about it the more I’m leaning towards the idea that if I’m going to do this I’ll use individual stand-alone WP installs rather than try to run WPMU. It’s less confusing.

  2. Yeah that’s cause it doesn’t exist anymore. Try this one instead. It has the last 50 entries from SEB imported into it.

    I’ve moved back to just a stand-alone install of WP and it appears that it imports posts with YouTube videos just fine whereas WPMU did not. That’s one strike in favor of going with stand-alone WP. Another one is that it created users for entries not written by me. Akusai and Neil should be able to recover their passwords for accounts already created for them. It doesn’t appear there’s a way to do that for comments, though.

  3. It would seriously suck if comment ownership would get lost.

    I’m getting a case of Wanderlust myself. I’m polishing off the EE-to-Drupal converter I used way back when I did a test migration of SEB to Drupal wink

  4. Comments are imported with the proper username attached, it just doesn’t auto-create user accounts for them like it can for entries.

    Now the question is: Once someone creates an account is there a way to update the database to associate all the comments with that account? I believe I did something like that once with EE using a SQL query, but it’s been a long time.

  5. Turns out the test export/import I did dropped all the email addresses from the imported comments. Couldn’t figure out why the Gravatars weren’t working. It’s cause none of the comments have email addresses. I haven’t checked yet, but that could’ve been a problem with the EE template.

    Moving will definitely be a pain as trying to export 1,000 entries exhausts available memory on the server. Doing 500 caused Firefox to crash before I could save the file. Doing 100 at a time would mean 65.5 exports/imports. Jinkies!

    I also took a look at some of the template files for the templates I’ve installed. Yeah, templating in WP is still a fucking nightmare. Might actually break down and pay someone to do it for me for the first time.

  6. Les, the trick is to grab a database backup and do the migration offline. If you don’t have a Linux box or VM laying around at home, XAMPP will get the job done. When you’re done with the migration, you can upload the database and files and take it from there; the worst that may happen is that you’ll have to patch up path names and database credentials.

    By the way, use wget or curl to grab stuff exported from templates.

    Oh, and after looking at WP’s template code I get the distinct impression that it’s a wash compared to Drupal.

  7. Templating in WP is a nightmare? That’s odd cause I thought it was incredibly easy, especially with the newer versions. Just find the one you like and upload right from the admin page.

    If you are creating a custom one just upload one that is similar to yours or similar to what you want and then make your changes in small doses. For all the sidebar items you have, just create widgets. For the custom stuff WP doesn’t have just create a custom widget right from the widget screen. This will allow you to type in custom HTML/PHP/Text.

  8. Webs, what I meant is trying to make a template from scratch is a nightmare. I’ve never used a pre-made template on SEB (which is probably why mine suck so bad) as making them from scratch was half the fun.

    It’s a less of a concern these days as most of the folks who follow the site do so via RSS and thus almost never see it, but not coding one by hand is something I’ll miss doing.

  9. Les, that makes more sense to me now. Yes I would agree that that would be rather difficult. I found a few good pages of documentation that attempt to explain things, but the only thing about templating in WP that made sense to me was to find a good theme, see how that template was made, and then work from it.

  10. 1. Yeah, I don’t know what controls there are over registration—but you can set WP to moderate any “first comment” by someone, even a registered someone, which helps block a lot of junk.

    2. Yeah, I wouldn’t want to create a new template by hand.  There are enough minimalist ones out there, though, that you could heavily customize something to your heart’s content.

    To be honest, as someone who hand-crafted many MT templates, I’m just as satisfied with minimal tweaking of the ones I can find with WP.

    3. Comment RSS comes out of the box with WP.

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