Sharing A Little of My Super Secret Project

This really falls under shameless self promotion, but I’m so excited about this project that I can’t help telling what little I can at the moment, and since there a good lot of web comic friendly folks here, I thought some of you might be interested. I’m in the process of writing an original graphic novel for the web and have found a fantastic new artist who’s design work is blowing me away. Her name is Amanda Hayes and I think you’ll be hearing a lot about her in the future. Here’s an early character sketch to give you an idea of why I’m so excited.

10 thoughts on “Sharing A Little of My Super Secret Project

  1. Honest answer, I’m not sure.

    Here’s what I can tell you at this point. Structurally, we’re looking at a long form, ongoing series, not entirely unlike Warren Ellis’ Freak Angels (one of the inspirations to do this). Each story will be 36 pages, appearing as four page installments, once a week. We won’t begin posting the first issue until it’s all in the can, that way we don’t have to fight with deadlines. While issue 1 is being posted, we’ll be hard at work on number 2. If there’s any break in the weekly schedule, it’ll always be between issues, to give us a chance to stay ahead.

    The title will be announced in a few days, once the domain is secure. Amanda is working on conceptual art and a couple of pre release teaser posters at this point. Once that’s done, I’ll have a better idea of when the whole thing will actually get started. It’s all moving much faster than I had originally anticipated, so I’ll probably have good news soon.

    I haven’t even mentioned the story have I? Imagine that. Although that sketch does have a sort or Mulder and Scully feel to it, doesn’t it? But not really.

  2. Abandon innovation.
    Embrace economic deterioration.
    Espouse economic conservatism.
    Horde and conserve all crude proteins in secret subterranean enclaves before the advent of the catastrophic messianic era.
    Subjugate your female folk before they flee.
    Do this all now.

  3. I can’t wait to read about it. Please be sure to let us know where to find more info and let us know what that domain will be.

  4. Okay, official launch date is now Dec 10, 2009, but if you hit the site around Oct 9th or 10th, you’ll find some full color promo pieces and maybe another surprise or two…

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