SEB Mailbag: What can we do to counter the nutbag Republicans?

I just got the following email from a SEB Reader:

Hey. Don’t know if you’ve heard about this, but the President is doing a speech to children on Sept 8th challenging them to become better students and encouraging them to stay in school in order to receive a better education. I, personally, think this is a positive thing, because for many years now, we have not had a president try to reach out to the kids about their education. The most we’ve had is Asshole-in-Chief Bush mindlessly repeating Nancy Reagan’s “Just Say No” campaign and that diversion technique on 9/11 with the school children.

Heres the link to the information about the broadcast:

Also, heres a link to information about how the radical right-wing nutcases are trying to completely screw up something that could inspire children to become more than burger-tossers:

These people are bloody insane. A president, for once, is trying to extend a hand to the children and these walking ballsacks have the audacity to try to deny that? Amazing how such an act of nobility and honor can be twisted into some political mumbo-jumbo to scare the people.

I don’t get it. Bush flies to a little school, talks to them, reads to them, and he’s a messiah. Obama tries to inspire the children and he’s some sort of lunatic.

I’m tired of the Republican’s demonizing everything that Obama does. I want to take action. You seem to be a tried and true voice for us that have common sense, do you have any suggestions?

I replied that I am at a loss as to what to do about it. You can’t talk sense to these people because they are immune to reality. It would help if the news media did more than egg the idiots on, but that’s what gets them the ratings.

So I said I’d toss it up here and see if any of you guys have any ideas. I’m tapped out myself in part because I’m so fatigued of it all. Let’s hear what you’ve got to say on it.

21 thoughts on “SEB Mailbag: What can we do to counter the nutbag Republicans?

  1. I’m at a loss myself but I did just read that one school district in AZ is literally forbidding parents from pulling their kids.  Now I’m assuming it’s a lie because it was on a righty fundamentalist site that showed up in the top ten of a quick google search about the kid pulling thing.  But if it’s not a lie, I’m kind of torn on how I feel about it.  On the one hand, lulz and on the other, parents’ rights to completely destroy their children’s futures if they want to.

  2. They (the extreme right wing conservative nutjobs) are doing just what they did with Clinton. They are so angry that the other party is in power, that they feel they need to do everything they can to hurt them—just for the sake of stopping them. With Obama, there’s even more reason to be angry because 1) he’s got a funny name and 2) he’s black.

    What I think is the Dems have got to take their goddamned gloves off and gouge out eyes. They have got to stop being pussies. Enough of this fucking shit. Fuck it. Obama can try to pass a law that will give everybody a million dollars and the dickhead rightwing fucktards will claim that he’s really a Satanist.

    Why is it that Dems have to compromise with the conservative Dems but the moderate Republicans are so scared of assholes like Rush Limpbaugh? Why don’t the moderate Reps kick these fuckers out? Well, who gives a damn about that? Why don’t the Dems just grow some fucking balls and realize they don’t have to compromise with these mental midgets? Let the brainless retards like Joe the Plumber call Obama Socialist, unAmerican, terrorist, a nigg- oops, I mean a Muslim. Let them. They can jerk each other off for the next eight years while Obama becomes what he can be, a great president.

    god damn it this pisses me off so fucking much. Why can’t the Dems in power feel the same anger and act accordingly?

  3. I have become somewhat more dickish in everyday life.  Today someone was saying they read “in Time magazine” as if that was a mark of credibility, that the government was promoting swine flu “so they could force everyone to take the vaccine”.

    Usually I let that kind of stuff go, but I’m getting less tolerant.  I said that Time is hardly the mark of journalistic distinction, and that the MSM practices he-said, she-said journalism.  Meaning, you put some whacko up alongside a legitimate authority, thus implying that the whacko is equally credible.  Then I sent her a link to an article about swine flu on the Pump Handle blog.

  4. I just want to fucking kill myself sometimes. I won’t have to, however, because my head will explode all by itself if I read too much more of this shit. Why don’t the teabaggers just come out and say what it is they REALLY have against Obama. They can wear white hoods if the anonymity would make them feel better.

    One comment on the Cleveland Pop Culture Examiner article even tries to blame Obama for not finding Osama. What the fuck! I agree with Tony that it’s time to stop being so deferential. Moderate politics is great for keeping the machine from spinning out of control, but what we need is a for the Dems to rally their best orators and thinkers and begin a national-level smack down of the misconceptions, misinformation, and misplaced fears of the uninformed, uneducated, and unbelievably frothed up Neanderthals running around beating their chests and throwing stones at the scary beasty president thing.

  5. Spreading disinformation about the opponent has gone on in politics since time immemorial.  Thomas Jefferson was accused of being an atheist, for instance, and what could be worse than that?Obama is a Kenyan Nazi, a Muslim black nationalist Christian, and a Fascist Communist Socialist. It is not so much that the Republicans are doing anything unusual, what is unusual is that Democrats find this desperate lying and distortion surprising.
    Obama seemed much better at cutting through the B.S. during the campaign than he has been as president. I suppose Bush is no longer around, and the special interest groups and Republicans have realized that they cannot pull any punches and that they have to be absolute pigs in order to beat him, and that is what they are doing. I don’t know what he should do in response. If this country had any intelligence the words “Republican” and “Insurance Company” would anger them as much as the word “Socialist” does. I remember after 9/11 everyone loved cops and fire fighters, Americans today do not seem to understand that these are government hired workers; you don’t hear about the dangers of socialized fire fighting, do you?

  6. DOF Wrote:

    Meaning, you put some whacko up alongside a legitimate authority, thus implying that the whacko is equally credible.

    I fully agree, and this is a trend in society in general.  People are rapidly losing all sense of objectivity, and from my personal experience, they don’t really understand the difference between objectivity and subjectivity, anymore than they understand the difference between an opinion (no matter how well informed) and a fact.  I don’t think there’s a single source causing this, but the media’s bullshit reporting certainly isn’t helping. 

    However, my statistics are rather limited so I can’t speak for all of America here, but it bothers me to no end that people I know think that just because everyone is entitled to their own opinion, it therefore means that all opinions are equal and valid.  The fallacy there of course is that any opinion is equal to a fact; opinions are simply anecdotes, whether based off fact or based off feelings or other unsupported observations.

    It doesn’t help that people think that scientific theories are the same thing as the commonly used “theory” which is another way to say “opinion”.  It really needs to be commonly understood that science is not based off of opinion, not even a hypothesis is based off opinion (if it’s done right), but off observed phenomenon.  The blurring of the line between fact and opinion is probably the worst thing to happen to scientific literacy.

    All that said, I am weary of all the political discussion and crazy ranting from the other side.  I understand that they won’t stop, they are rabid, and once they do get back in power they will fuck things up even worse than they already have.  I’ve wondered if anything can realistically be done about it and come up with nothing. Unfortunately, every time I think about this stuff, my blood pressure starts rising, and I start to get stressed and slightly irrational.  The only solution personally that I’ve come up with is to not think about it too much.

  7. Thinking long term, the Republican Party is the party of white America, plain and simple.  In as much as over time, the white population will be decreasing in percentage of total population due to the growth of Hispanic populations. Unless the Republicans can change their platform, they will continue to become more and more irrelevant.  The funny thing is they are too stupid to see that.  Or maybe they do, they just don’t know how to change the inevitable?

    So hang in there and enjoy the show.

  8. Unfortunately though, the Crazy Right does control a large percentage of the resources right now, and can do some very major damage if given the opportunity. I see the increase in crazy as them trying to trying to take the rest of the world down with them. 

    The leaders of the movement I believe are aware of what they are doing, but the base are just nuts and easily swayed. 

    Also, as much as I hate to admit it, I don’t think the greater part of the those still willing to call themselves Republicans are not quite as extreme as say, the “Birthers”, but they are set in their ways, afraid of change, and unwilling to vocally separate themselves from the extremists in their party because it would mean a loss of power.  The sad thing to watch is that the Republican Party is going to fall completely apart because of the extremists.  These people despise the moderates in their party almost as much as they despise “them damn librals”, and only tolerate them because they happen to share some financial or political ideals.  That said, I do kind of enjoy watching the Republican party tear itself apart now that it doesn’t have any strong central leadership.

    The best part about the Crazy right though is when you try and talk to them about anything (even something mundane like the price of bread in some cases from my experience), they spew out “Well that’s what your liberal masters tell you to think”, or my personal favorite “You’re still young”…as if the fact that I’m not 160 years old or don’t subscribe to their particular philosophy means I can’t think “right”. 

    I’ve heard that there is really no changing people’s minds, they have to die and a new generation has to overtake their ideals.  I’m starting to agree with that sentiment in the case of politics.

  9. Had a coworker bring up the Obama speech and how outraged she was.  I tried to give my opinion, that I thought it was cool.  Asked what her objection was and the response… “I just don’t like the man.”  Wow!  How enlightening!  I walked away and sent her the below in an email.  Nothing but Ignorance and Bigotry.  Sad we haven’t moved past that as a country.

    It concerns me that the video cast is even an issue.  Many times Presidents and Vice Presidents visit schools; George W. Bush reading to elementary students comes to mind right off the bat, President Clinton did the same.  They have spoken at Universities.  I don’t recall hearing any concerns over those.  I have watched a few Presidential Speeches from school, whether an Inauguration or a State of the Union Address.  I don’t remember any cries about how Government shouldn’t be in the classrooms then like I am now, no students being held home from school either.  If Government shouldn’t be allowed in the classroom, then shouldn’t we drop History Class?  Social Studies?  I’m sorry, but we can’t do that, now can we, not to mention it would be stupid.

    It is only because there are a growing number of people who through media and guidance from other parties that are turning anything the President does into something to be feared, from healthcare reform (i.e. Sarah Palin’s “death panels”) to this.  That is what we should be afraid of, inciting fear and encouraging the misrepresentation of the facts, twisting it into something sinister where it just isn’t.  I really feel sorry for President Obama…. no matter what he says or does it will be treated this way.  At this rate we will never move forward, which is a shame.  He should be a positive role model for our kids, not vilified.

  10. First off…I am not worried about it.  Kids are smarter than their parents tend to give them credit for and they know when some bullshit is up.  Maybe some kids might follow in their parents footsteps…but I am sure a lot are confused and angry that they can’t see the President talk about something relevant to them that they can understand.

    What can you do?  Spread the word and talk just as much as the nuts are. 

    I also wanted to include this link…it goes into a little more detail…

  11. If you think it’s frustrating for you, try up here in the Great White North.  American TV and all the rest slops on to us like an over-full bathtub.  I hear these foaming wingnuts and I don’t even have the power of a vote to kick them out.

    At the risk of stating the obvious, you posters who wish with all your might that the Good Guys would start using wit and guile and rebutting the wingnuts…have you contacted the Good Guys and asked them?  From your Congress folk and Senator things and favourite news columnists and so on?  Have you written them heartfelt (and profanity-free) letters urging them to act?

  12. …have you contacted the Good Guys and asked them?  From your Congress folk and Senator things and favourite news columnists and so on?  Have you written them heartfelt (and profanity-free) letters urging them to act?

    I do, regularly, both email and snail mail.  And encourage others to do the same.  Just a postcard, or a web form. I assume they don’t have time to read eight detailed paragraphs but I can say; “I’m a constituent in your district and I urge you to support…”

  13. …have you contacted the Good Guys and asked them?  From your Congress folk and Senator things and favourite news columnists and so on?  Have you written them heartfelt (and profanity-free) letters urging them to act?

    Admittedly, I don’t do much of this at the local level, as I work in government. To express an opinion in my department, even about the very legislation we propose, is to somehow betray a lack of objectivity that reflects on the entire department. I can see this, to an extent, but it is frustrating (hence my rant – it would be great fun to use profanity in a staff report!). When I have the opportunity to bend a state, or even a national, legislator’s ear about this, I do. Signed letter writing and emailing, not so much, admittedly, for the same kind of paranoid reasons. But you are right

  14. Thinking long term, the Republican Party is the party of white America, plain and simple.  In as much as over time, the white population will be decreasing in percentage of total population due to the growth of Hispanic populations. Unless the Republicans can change their platform, they will continue to become more and more irrelevant.

    Honestly, I think they will catch on and a scare off the racial radicals in their platform.  Then they’ll just be crazy religious fundamentalists of many different races (no, I don’t think all Latinos are fundamentalists). 

    I have one friend who is a rational GOP; he’s more about the fiscal responsibility that is in the platform but rarely actually followed and tends to vote all over the place as far as parties go.  He keeps telling me that he hates when GOPs are in power because it’s never the sane ones and that he hates when DEMs are in power because the right’s lunatic fringe make it impossible for normal people to have a conversation. For the record he voted against Bush both times. He’s a keeper.

  15. This really has been the year of the nutcase. Between truthers, birthers, death panelists and Glenn Beck, you really get a sense of how much the educational system has failed our country. These people need universal mental health care. We all knew that the election of the first African American president would probably freak out the Right, but it is quite eye opening actually seeing it play out.
    As George Carlin used to say “When you’re born you get a ticket to the freak show. When you’re born in America, you get a front row seat”

  16. Post by “happybill” found in reply to topic on Political Wire.

    His source is PolitiFact.

    President George H.W. Bush gave an address to schools nationwide in 1991, from a junior high school in Washington, D.C. News reports from the time said the White House hoped that the address would be shown at schools nationwide, and Bush began his remarks by saying he was talking to “millions” of students “in classrooms all across the country.”

    “The Department of Education should not be producing paid political advertising for the president, it should be helping us to produce smarter students,” said Rep. Richard Gephardt, then the Democratic majority leader in the House of Representatives.“And the president should be doing more about education than saying, ‘Lights, camera, action.’”

    Patricia Schroeder, then a Democratic member of Congress from Colorado, said the speech showed “the arrogance of power,” and that the White House should not be “using precious dollars for campaigns” when “we are struggling for every silly dime we can get” for education.

    Republicans, though, defended the right of the president to address students. “Why is it political for the president of the United States to discuss education?” asked Newt Gingrich, who was then the House Republican whip. “It was done at a nonpolitical site and was beamed to a nonpolitical audience. . . . They wanted to reach the maximum audience with the maximum effect to improve education.”

    Just sayin’

  17. Just ride it out until the next round of Congressional and senatorial elections and put the boots to the rebublicans even further.  it will empower your presidents’ agenda.

  18. I am no longer hopeful. In my neck of the woods God parceled out two assholes for every brain; then we screwed up and let every asshole vote. As for Obama, I’m disappointed because he hasn’t fulfilled any of his promises except getting the girls a dog. And I don’t think members of Congress work for us; they work for the lobbyists. The wingnuts and teabaggers will manage to fuck things up because the Dems don’t have the balls or backbone to take control; they are too damned busy being nice to be effective.

  19. I have ideas – I mean, if ideas are what we are actually discussing here. If we’re only trading observations on just how fucking stupid these people are, then ignore me because I am too tired to play.

    First, we need to find our second wind. It seems to me we fought hard to get Obama in the door, and now we are standing around, out of breath and panting, waiting for him to do the rest.

    About a week ago, I saw a man holding a sign asking people to add their names to a petition to “keep government hands off our healthcare.” I stood there watching him for several minutes – I thought about talking to him, but I didn’t trust myself not to engage if he turned aggressive which I assumed was a probability. I also had nothing on me – no web address or anything to offer beyond my word which I knew gave me his level of credibility.

    So, secondly, we need not become unreasonable ourselves. These people find evil everywhere and they are missing their devil staring right at them. There has to be a way in for us, and just talking to people, no matter how tired we are, is still the best way to find it.

    Where is the best information available? Print out the location and carry copies with us – even better if we can print out good information and carry that. What would make that person actually read it?

    What else is there?

    If we give in to the fatigue, don’t do something more than talk about these idiot Americans, then we should grab our ankles and get in line with them; we would be where we belong and out of the way.

    Gweed: …have you contacted the Good Guys and asked them?  From your Congress folk and Senator things and favourite news columnists and so on?  Have you written them heartfelt (and profanity-free) letters urging them to act?

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