President Obama addresses the myths and lies about health care reform.

Obama saying what needs to be said:

I have to wonder, though, if he isn’t just preaching to the choir with using YouTube to present the address. How many people that really need to hear this are following his YouTube channel? It seems like the sort of thing that should be part of a larger address on national television. I’d probably even happier if he took the time to call out some of the people spreading the lies in the first place. Probably impolitic, but it would get it onto the news channels at least.

4 thoughts on “President Obama addresses the myths and lies about health care reform.

  1. I would be nice to see in a larger medium such as television, but at least the YouTube distribution costs the taxpayer a lot less money.

  2. This is the type of message that should have come out quite some time ago, and yes it should be distributed more widely.  I think what has hurt Democrats the most is their lack of coordination in the message they want to deliver.  Not just on healthcare, but on so many other issues as well, and that allows the Right to start up their crazy machine so that we end up with fear induced screaming.

  3. I think they are hoping people will share it…and think that just as many people that won’t go to his channel won’t bother watching it on TV either.  If they think he is bad they won’t have anything to do with it anyway.

    Obama and his people can’t do all the work in trying to prove this idiots wrong anyway…we have to help them out and pass this video and information along.  It’s up to the people that will listen to what he is saying to bring the message about and try to right things. 

    That’s what got the country in this mess to begin with…sitting back and expecting others to do the work for us.  We all spoke our peace at the election…our work didn’t end there if we want things to get better.

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