Pastor convicted of mortgage fraud resorts to imprecatory prayers against witnesses.

Because that’s exactly what Jesus would do:

Jensen Beach pastor sentenced to 20 years for mortgage fraud—South Florida

STUART – A defiant Rodney McGill prayed for affliction upon his adversaries prior to his sentencing in Martin County Circuit Court, and turned his back on Judge Sherwood Bauer Jr. as he was handed a 20-year prison term for his part in fraudulently obtaining some $1 million in real estate loans.

“Jesus, Jesus, Jesus, for every witness called against me, I pray cancer in their lives, lupus, brain tumor, pancreatic cancer,” McGill intoned at his counsel table prior to the start of the hearing Tuesday.

This man believes in an all-knowing and all-powerful entity that is responsible for creating everything in existence and who, by divine will alone, keeps everything humming along from the smallest elementary particle to the largest galaxies. He is not considered crazy for this belief. Given the awesome undertaking of said being—maintaining all of existence through thought alone—this man believes that his trials and tribulations are important enough to such an entity that praying to it will garner its attention. He is not considered crazy for this belief. Considering this man’s relative insignificance amongst the countless billions of things that constitutes the Universe that occupy the mind of said entity he still somehow manages to believe he is special enough that said entity would afflict other aspects of its creation with the most horrific maladies and diseases known for daring to speak against this man in a court of law.

He is, amazingly, not considered crazy for this belief.

Is it any wonder, given these amazing and ridiculous beliefs, that this man believes himself to be innocent of any crime? There is no doubt in this man’s mind that he is in the right. How could there be given all the things he “knows” about the nature of reality and who is running the show? The truly amazing part, however, is the simple fact that even if his imprecatory prayers go unanswered and his appeals all fail and he ends up serving out his full sentence in jail, his belief in this all-powerful, all-knowing entity that supposedly has reason to give a shit about his fate will probably not waver in the slightest.

Behold the power of true faith. It can make you crazy.

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