Max Blumenthal covers the crazies at the 9/12 anti-Obama rally.

It’s almost painful to watch, but watch it you should:

These people are just plain nuts and they’re the base of the Republican party.

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12 thoughts on “Max Blumenthal covers the crazies at the 9/12 anti-Obama rally.

  1. The timing to see these whackjobs couldn’t be better.  Daily Show and Colbert Report come on tonight.  If ether of those guys poke fun at these teabaggers, I will cheer.

  2. You know, this may be, perhaps, undue optimism on my part, but I have the belief that the majority of americans are turned off by the “whackjobs”.

    The silent majority need not always belong to the republicans.

    I for one am an example of this. I was always aware of this site, but read infrequently as it was too liberal for my taste. But, like many moderates, this increased radicalism of the right scares me.

    The majority of this country tends to be moderate; when youth are rioting in the streets (or some supposed assualt on our “values” is apparently going on) republicans win. I can only suppose this strengthens the dems in the long run.

    Fret not.

  3. The ironic thing is that one does get the sense that at least 50% of these people would vote for Hitler if they could.

  4. These people want the government to stay out of their lives but I would bet they would have no problem letting the government tell the rest of us how to live ours, in regards to abortion, religion, sexual orientation, equal rights, etc.

  5. I have been living in the DC metro area since 1982 and had family visiting who wanted to go to the Smithsonian in DC. I opted for Saturday instead of Sunday because of potential Redskins traffic…big mistake. It was packed.

    I got to say the people I saw were from all political party affiliations and backgrounds when I was walking to the Smithsonian. There was religious stuff at the Million Man march in the 90s and of course that silly Promise Keepers one, I don’t think that is an attribute solely just for any Republican. I wouldn’t call the people there who were non-white or claiming to be democrat’s right wing racists.

    The more shocking examples in the video remind me of the more shocking video bits from WTO and G8, etc. protests. There they had the Bush-Nazi association and other like stuff. Frankly, everyone over uses the term “Nazi” where it’s just cliché. “Socialism” is pretty much the same thing. I am not too political, but the day was interesting.

  6. I find it interesting how “moderates” of both parties (and no party) react to the crazies of either extreme.  In general, it seems that liberals tend to distance themselves from the left-wing fringe, while Republicans generally embrace, and even support, the loonies in their ranks, hoping to get the dirty work done for free.

      In the previous comment, Jason is reminded of the Bush/Hitler comparisons of earlier protests.  I suppose there is some truth there, and some valid comparisons to be made.  I think that in many cases, a lot of the people didn’t even know what they are protesting against, just like now.  The WTO and G8 protests included viewpoints that were all over the map-protests of Bush and Republican imperialist warfare, protests of corporate globalization, protests of agricultural policy and companies like Monsanto, etc…I never got a sense of coherency, and no real details from the media, especially mainstream (illiberal) media.  In the case of anti-war, anti-republican protests, I found the coverage to be ridiculously sparse and often derogatory, at least when covered by Fox or the like.  Anti-war and anti-Bush protests of thousands of people were marginalized and demonized in the rush to war and the year or two thereafter, especially.  And though you would never know it from the coverage, these protests were just as bi-partisan, I think much more so, than today’s anti-government rallies.
      I see a different picture with today’s protests, or at least the media reaction and coverage.  Fox news and the like are doing more than the so-called “liberal media” ever did for the anti-war or anti-globalization folks.  They are serving as cheerleaders, issuing talking points and rallying cries, and keeping the largely republican base whipped up.  Several times now, I’ve read comments on blogs like this one saying that they are surprised by how many different types of people there are at the rallies, how it’s a bipartisan effort with all kinds of people who are just fed up with too much government.

      And I call Bullshit. 

      I have yet to read one article, letter to the editor or blog post written by a liberal or democrat, no matter how “moderate”, that is in favor of these rallies.  I haven’t seen anyone claiming to have been a democrat, or to have voted for Obama, who suddenly switched sides and started going to rallies because of the healthcare debate or even the bailouts.  I have not seen ONE protester talk shit about ANY republican politicians, even though republicans started the bailouts, got us into massive debt, and many voted for the very things that are being protested.  Somehow, to this “bipartisan” crowd, Obama and the current administration are to blame for all of the pathetic failings of the Bush Administration, while every single Republican politician is given a free pass.  “Bipartisan” my aching ass!  I’ve watched video after video, and the people I’ve seen are 50% or so middle-aged, 99% white, 99% angry about healthcare proposals(a liberal staple for the last 30 years or so) 99% over-the-top Obama-hating, and 100% ignorant.  Bi-partisan?  Including Democrats?  Give me a fucking break, I’m not that stupid.
      The only thing that these protests have in common with the G8 protests is that they are mostly incoherent, and barely even know what they are protesting.  Other than a black liberal in the White House, of course.  The difference is, they are treating healthcare proposals as a worse offense than mass-murder war-for-profit and constitution-shredding, AND they have the backing and support of at least one major news network and several prominent media personalities, with millions, maybe billions of dollars worth of free airtime to promote their ignorant lunacy, something that us anti-war liberals never ever had.  Everything else that they are protesting except healthcare-the government bailouts, the massive debt, etc, could be laid directly at the feet of Republicans as well-yet none of them do that!  Surprise, Surprise! 
      If you saw people claiming to be democrats at one of these rallies, they were either lying, or are the stupidest fucking democrats in the country, or got lost on the way to the library or something-or maybe they’re just there to watch the monkeys screech.  I’ll believe that these groups are bi-partisan when I see a protest sign blaming the republican criminals that got us here in the first place, instead of just anti-Obama screeching and hating on “the Gubmint.”

  7. The whole thing is quite amazing. I feel the worst for their children. Either they grow up in exile and trying to hide from their parents, or they grow up to be impotent in the brain. Either way it’s sad.

  8. This guy seems to want to put the “government out of (social security or medicare)” line in people’s mouths. (Though in fairness, their views on SS and medicare were, um, muddled to say the least).
    But then there’s stuff like:
    1:40: Everything that Glenn Beck does is great.
    4:45: “ACORN = SS”
    5:38: “911 was an inside job. I think it was a CIA black op.”

    How did we elect such a Kenyan Nazi socialist terrorist?

  9. What I find almost as unbelievable as the pure bullshit these lunatics spew is the fact that they are trying to pretend that between 1-2 MILLION people this mentally unbalanced showed up to this shindig.

    The crowd pretty much stopped right at the small pond with just a very few scattered past that and many if not most of those were from the Black Family Reunion that was unfortunately for them being held at the same time.

    To even be 1 Million let alone 2 the crowd would have to extend all the way back to the Washington Monument and be packed like sardines.…works-lies.html

    I totally agree with this guy though.

    “But at 60,000 or so, the crowd size of Saturday’s Tea Bagger march probably did beat one long-standing record in the capitol, however. It was likely the biggest whites-only rally in the district since 1925, when 35,000 people marched in support of the Ku Klux Klan.”…n-for-fox-news/

    Media Matters shows how the 2 Million lie got started and then spread like wild fire over the extreme reich wing blogosphere.

    Mike Malloy is correct also when he basically calls this Reich wing rally nothing but a KLAN rally.

    I found what is without any question the best reference photo of how many people attended this rally, taken by the nut bag “Freedom Works” themselves at the peak of the crowd. This shows at an absolute maximum probably 75,000 people.
    The crowd gets no where up close to the capital bldg steps.

    If you look at this aerial view of the Washington Mall you can see exactly where this crowd starts and stops, It starts just to the right of 1st st. just to the right of that big tree but BEFORE that small road towards the capital bldg then it goes just up to 3rd st but not past it except for a few stragglers up by the tents.
    That is actually a very small area and certainly not even remotely close to anything over 100,000 even being extremely generous and using a vivid imagination.

    Mapquest aerial view of Washington Mall

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