How About we add a 50 page Introduction to the Bible?

Did you see Ray Comfort and Kirk Cameron’s new movement to alter Darwin’s work for his 150th Anniversary? If not check out the video below. But I have an idea too. How about we create our own 50 page introduction to the Bible? If anyone is interested I think we could start a website to do this. We could event take it further and go to churches and pass out these new Bibles?

Watch this:

Hat tip to Greg Laden

24 thoughts on “How About we add a 50 page Introduction to the Bible?

  1. If this is happening at my local university, I will take great pleasure in receiving a copy, finding the offending pages, and ripping them out and handing them back to them.

  2. Bah, Kirk Cameron.  I call bullshit on your thought that we younguns don’t get the “other side”.  I am an atheist BECAUSE of my religious education—there are few people I know of that call themselves atheists or secular humanists that aren’t more religiously literate than my acquaintances that are god fearing Christians. 

    I would be up for a 50 page introduction to the Bible, and would be willing to go and hand it out.  We could even get Daniel Radcliff and Richard Dawkins to do a cheesy Youtube video.

  3. Just WOW.  Seriously, can we REALLY get any dumber as a nation?  Who does this has-been think he is?  He and his little christer buddy are absolutely insane if they think they are going to convince SANE people that their juju is real, because they bad mouth Darwin, by defiling his book, and then handing it out for free.  The only people he’s gong to appeal to are those that are already brainwashed.

    Seb.. I would be quite interested in being a part of helping out in anyway that I can, in the development of a website to warn people about the atrocities found in the buybull.

  4. Honestly, I’d love to see Les do a “We’re adding a 50 page introduction to the bible” video.

  5. I should point out that Webs was the author of this particular entry. He deserves the credit for coming up with this idea. grin

  6. 50 pages?  Isn’t the Bible long enough as it is?  One line could say it all:

    This is a work of fiction, any similarity or likeness to events or persons living or dead is purely coincidental.

  7. While it’s important to call out the deviants within any skill, it’s also important to keep the quantities (and their reputation’s gravitas) in context.

    This man is, by no means, representative of the hermeneutics practice.

    Most people who skillfully practice more widely practiced forms of hermeneutics (and influence it’s academic culture) do so within the context of modern science.  The aberrant is always mesmerizing cause of its inherent rarity; But, despite our fascinations, rare never means predominant.

    This man is odd, not the norm to his profession.

  8. Okay, I will happily grant that Kirk Cameron is off the deep end, and do find the “50 page intro to the bible” amusing.

    At the same time, my initial reaction to this story is that if they are actually printing a copy of “Origins” with clearly differentiated spaces for the ID marketing intro, and the original text, that they are at least making some effort to fairly argue their point.

    Their point may be scientifically iffy, but at least (unlike Fox news, Answers in Genesis, etc) they are giving you whole sets of two viewpoints, with some chance of reading it yourself.

    I certainly wouldn’t rip it up in front of them. I might read their intro and mock it online.

  9. Okay, I am sorry to say that I could not even watch past the first minute of Kirk’s ranting of the atheistic evolutionary brainwashing.  AND I don’t think I will finish it because it will only piss me off and it has been a long day and I really don’t want to end it with that.
    OH, but how annoying that statement was to me.  When I was still christian I HATED when the Gideons came to the school and handed out their bibles it was so presumptuous of them.  Also growing up in TN and going to college in TN I know that most of my BIOLOGY professors were christian not secular or atheist and they were teaching Darwin, and I spent 4.5 yrs in the Biology building cause that was my major.  And it was not any of my professor that paved the way for my move into secularism. The thing that is even more irritating about what he said in the beginning is that I know for a fact (being raised in the south) that christians have no problem with brainwashing their kids to believe in god and creation, they just don’t want anyone else doing the same thing for their religion or lack there of.
    So why Kirk Cameron should my rights as a parent be revoked to protect my children from the brainwashing that I received growing up??? I would much rather my children be brainwashed by atheist who really are not teaching anything other than to question and educate oneself than by people who want my kids to just blindly believe in something and live forever in chosen ignorance.
    Arg, I am already getting mad again. Why people like that seem to think that only people that believe the same way that they do should have their rights protected is beyond me.

    By the way Les, love the blog!! I am not really sure I remember (brain has long since rotted out from staying at home with two kids under 3) where I got hooked up to your blog but I am sure glad that I did. It is always nice to know that one is not alone.

  10. I think it would be fun to try, but I’m not sure I have the time right now or the skill. If someone else or a bunch of people want to give it a try I think it would be fun.

  11. In addition to what has already been said here, I’d just like comment on Ray Comfort’s partner’s opening statement.  Kirk says:

    Our kids can no longer pray in public…

    News to me. Since when is public prayer outlawed in the US?

    …they can no longer freely open a Bible in school…

    Also news to me.  I did get into big trouble once in third grade for reading a library book when I was supposed to be doing a lesson, but I can’t imagine that opening a Bible in free time is forbidden.  Or is it?

    …the Ten Commandments are no longer allowed to be displayed in public places…

    If, by “public places”, Kirk means “courtrooms” or other governmental properties, then he is correct.  Doing so breaches the constitutional separation of Church and State, as far as I know.

    …and the Gideons are not even allowed to give away Bibles in schools.

    No more are Muslims allowed to give away copies of the Koran in schools, for the same reason as above.  I somehow doubt that Kirk and Ray would be in favor of a recruiting free-for-all in public schools.

    By the way, here’s what the Bananaman himself has to say about his project:

    Friday, September 18, 2009
    The Origin of Species Give-away is Getting Bigger

    It’s now heading for 100 universities and 100,000 copies, and it will be the entire book (every jot and tittle). How wonderful that 100,000 students will get a complete copy of Origin of Species with a full color cover. The publication will have a total of 304 pages.

    Thanks to advice from Atheists and others, the new Introduction will address Darwin’s “racism”—and how he was truly a gentle-man who was admantly against slavery.

    And it will qualify his apparant denegration of women. Besides, the moral character of Charles Darwin is irrelevant to the Theory of Evolution, just as the Theory of Relativity should stand on its own merits, and not on the morality of Albert Einstein.

    I will also make it clear that Hitler abused his theory, and is also irrelevant to whether or not it’s true.

    I want this Introduction to be fair-minded, free from prejudice against Darwin, no straw men or quote-mining. I’m sure many of you won’t believe that, but it’s the truth.

    Sounds good, doesn’t it?  I should temper this with the observation that Ray’s idea of what “the truth” entails, at least as shown up till now, is a big-tent ideal, including willful blindness, appalling ignorance, and very creative interpretations of Scripture and Science.

  12. Did anyone else click on any of the other video offerings after this one finished: specifically the one titled “Using Common Sense to Debunk Evolution”? Ray Comfort asks some ‘common sense’ questions, putting people on the offensive as they try to defend evolution. Except that the questions he asks shows that he knows absolutely nothing about the theory of evolution that he’s trying to debunk. And the people he’s interviewing (or at least the ones they show in the video) offer no intelligent rebuttal to his stupid questions. So, is he really that stupid? Or just willfully ignorant?

    and how does one go about adding a signature to posts?

  13. Susan, I’d hazard he’s wilfully ignorant.

    Also to have a signature you’ll need to register an account. Just click the register button at the top of the page. Though I may be switching SEB to WordPress soon which will lack that ability.

  14. Julian- thanks for the link.  Great minds think alike- I see that Cristina said almost exactly what I did about Kirk, and a lot more besides.

    Susan: while I am not God, and thus have no privileged insight into Ray’s mind, my impression is that he really is both stupid and willfully ignorant.  Alas, he hasn’t even progressed to the point where he would have to deal with cognitive dissonance…

  15. Zilch,
      You got in trouble for reading during a lesson because your technique is wrong.  You have to do it in social studies after leading the instructor slightly off topic on to something interesting for them o talk about.  then read away while they ramble to the class.
    tip: keep an ear open while reading for further oportunities to to distract social teacher with shiney conversation topics. wink

  16. I think this is a great idea.  The Origin of Species and their garbage in the same book in an environment where people who actually understand evolution can explain any questions any of their readers might have?

    I couldn’t create a more one-sided battlefield if I tried.  Comfort and Cameron might as well wear “I’m with Stupid” t-shirts.  Not only are they encouraging more people to find out why their garbage is garbage, but they are ultimately making the students more resistant to their arguments.  If I was teaching evolution, I’d call Ray up and ask for one book for each of my students.

    The only thing that would make me feel bad about this is if those two bozo’s left anything out when they included their “theory”

  17. Thanks for the tip, Lordklegg.  I’m not sure it would have worked on Mrs. Cunningham, my third grade teacher, though.  She was a disciplinarian of the old school, who would often punish us if two kids were talking in class by yelling “Stand!”  At this, the whole class had to stand up and remain perfectly still and quiet for five minutes– no mean feat for an eight-year-old- and if someone fidgeted, it could be repeated.

    For minor infractions by individual students, she would often say “Nines!”  That meant that the student would have to write out all the multiples of nine to one thousand at home.  To this day, I can rattle off my nines at breakneck speed.  Slightly more serious offenses got “Eights and Nines”.  Mrs. Cunningham must have been in a bad mood the day she caught me reading Alice in Wonderland, because I set a record: “Twos, Threes, Fours, Fives, Sixes, Sevens, Eights, Nines, and Elevens!”  Note the humorous elimination of the Tens, which were presumed too easy.  That took a couple of hours.

  18. Just thought I would share this video that someone shared with me about this very topic.  Enjoy I know I did smile

  19. Just thought I would share this video that someone shared with me about this very topic.  Enjoy I know I did. smile

    That was funny.  “Banana guy” is probably sorry he ever brought up the squishy yellow fruit.

    and Kirk Cameron says he used to be an Atheist.  I call bullshit.  How the hell do you go from Atheist to bat-shit crazy like that?

  20. Kirk Cameron says he used to be an Atheist.  I call bullshit.  How the hell do you go from Atheist to bat-shit crazy like that?

    There may be some historical evidence: Saul of Tarsus converting to St. Paul?  tongue wink LOL

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