The Daily Show reveals The New Liberals: FOX News.

It’s always fun when Jon Stewart does a side-by-side of FOX “News” reporting:

But I’m sure our own resident Jon will be able to explain how the Republicans aren’t wallowing in their own hypocrisy quite easily. Probably by just asserting they’re not and the rest of us are STUPID AND WRONG!

13 thoughts on “The Daily Show reveals The New Liberals: FOX News.

  1. Actually Les, if you go back and look at the comment history, you’ll see that it was KPatrick who started asserting others were stupid without any type of legitamate argument, not me.

    The video only shows that BOTH liberals and conservatives, BOTH republicans and democrats wallow in their own hypocrisy, and for you to think otherwise again shows a lack of reasoning.

    It is hugely ironic that you would suggest another is being hypocritical by asserting their correctness while others are stupid, when that is exactly the claim you make in the TITLE OF YOUR BLOG! 

    Move away from the far left.  Come to the middle and we can actually have a dialogue about how to make the country better!

  2. Additionally, as Bill O’Reilly points out in his response, Jon Stewart is a satirist.  His job is too make things look funny – he’s not actually dealing with facts.  So, before you say that a video by him proves hypocrisy, you should really examine the overall issues.

  3. Jon:

    Bill O’Reilly is a pundit, an opinionator.  His job is to state his opinion.  He doesn’t actually deal with facts either.  The main difference between the two is that satire requires some kernel of truth in order to be effective, whereas an opinion works as long as it’s what the audience wants to hear.

    Semi-Off-topic:  Whenever I get into a media/politics discussion with my republican friends and I mention O’Reilly’s bluster and bravado, inevitably people like Keith Olbermann and Bill Mahr are brought up to counter.  What I just realized is that the right seems to think we get our news and take our cues from those people the same way they do.  They’re not leaders, and they’re not news.  They’re only there for a friendly viewpoint.  It’s interesting that Bill O’Reilly is seen as a conservative source of news by his followers (and they see his counterparts as liberal news sources).  Keith Olberman is seen as a source of liberal opinion on the news by his followers.  I wonder why that is?

  4. I didn’t say that Bill O’Reilly wasn’t a pundit.  Both Jon Stewart and Bill O’Reilly state their opinions.  But in Bill’s reponse, he plays the rest of the clips that Jon so conveniently edits to make his points.

    I acknowledge in my comment that both liberals/conservatives and their respective media outlets deal in a certain degree of hypocrisy.  But Les and many on this blog think that its only the conservative side, and that is false.

    When you say that satire requires a kernal of truth to be effective, you are not entirely correct.  First of all, a kernel of truth is not really truth.  Second, it only requires that the audience believe that there is a kernel of truth to be effective.  So, in that aspect, it is not really different from an opinion piece. 

    I’m not a fan of Bill O’Reilly any more than I am of Jon Stewart.  I don’t get my news from Keith Olbermann and Bill Mahr or Jon Stewart or Bill O’Reilly.  I can’t speak for your friends.  There are conservative wackjobs out there just like there are liberal wackjobs out there.  Unfortunately, it seems that Les is one of the liberal wackjobs, but I wish that he would use the brain that I believe he has, and actually think about the issues instead of bite the liberal agenda hook, line and sinker.

    Les has a heart, and he has a brain, but for some reason he is not using them.  He is angry and taking that anger out on the conservative viewpoint, where if he would adopt a more middle-of-the-road stance and work with people, we could probably solve some of the issues that he is angry about.

  5. What cracks me up about you, Jon, is that you insist on knowing what I’m thinking on a given topic. I never said it’s only the conservative side that’s hypocritical and if you dig through the 5,000+ entries in the archives you will find entries where I criticized liberals. You show up here and start declaring what my opinions and failings are as though you have enough history to have a clue and you don’t. The really funny part is that it’s pretty obvious to the regulars who do.

    The fact that you think I’m angry just proves the point.

  6. Les, your writing reveals what you are thinking on a given topic.  If you don’t want people to ruminate on what you are thinking, stop blogging!  You did indicate that only the conservative side is hypocritical.  I understand that you criticize liberals as well, but it is typically for not being liberal enough.  It doesn’t take long to assess your position.

    And you certainly appear angry – you may be attempting to supress that anger at times, but if you are not self-aware enough to realize that I suggest you pursue some counseling.

  7. Les has a heart, and he has a brain, but for some reason he is not using them.  He is angry and taking that anger out on the conservative viewpoint, where if he would adopt a more middle-of-the-road stance and work with people, we could probably solve some of the issues that he is angry about.

    So that he may join you in the relative safety and comfort of the middle of the road, and not be too “controversial”?

    Nothing good in this world ever gets done by sitting in the middle of the road. It’s too easy to sit there. By settling for the center, you just give up half of your ground before you even get started. I will respect someone’s anger and passion, whether left or right, before I will admire someone who camps in the middle.

  8. Jon,

    My point wasn’t to determine which people watch which pundits.  You may have a point about how much difference there is between satire and straight up opinion, but that’s still avoiding or misinterpreting what I was getting at.

    Conservatives tend to watch Bill O’Reilly because they think of him as telling their version of the truth.  Liberals watch their commentators of choice because they want a friendly opinion.

    Conservatives seem to think liberals get their “truth” from lib commentators because that’s what conservatives get out of their own.  Liberals don’t understand this because they watch commentators for their opinions.

    You may be different, but from all indicators, you’re in the minority.

  9. @StorminNorman – I’m not suggesting a middle-of-the-road approach for Les so that he can be less controversial.  I appreciate controversy, and I appreciate you respect for someone who stands their ground and who will display anger and passion.  However, I don’t think that taking a moderate approach politically is a passive position.  Because so many people side with either the conservative side or the liberal side, it is hard to call liberals wrong when they are wrong, and conservatives wrong when they are wrong.  I would hope that each of us could find some degree of respect for liberals, moderates, and conservatives, and that we can find someway to work together to make our country better, whether that is through reasonable discussion or all out arguments.

  10. @Chris – I realize that your point wasn’t about defining who is a pundit and who isn’t.  I did not mean to misinterpret what you said or avoid your point.

    I realize that you are making the assertion that conservatives don’t know what is news and what is opinion, and you think liberals do.

    I am sorry to find that has been your experience.  In my experience, I have met conservatives who are brilliant, and those who shouldn’t be allowed to reproduce.  I have also met liberals who can’t count to 10 even if they use their fingers and liberals who should be respected for their depth and breadth of knowledge.

    Given the above, I do resent the stereotypes that you suggest exist, but I understand that it is your experience that has led to them.  I hope in the future you will encounter more intelligent people from both sides so that your assesment of either party will not be jaded.

  11. it is hard to call liberals wrong when they are wrong, and conservatives wrong when they are wrong.

    Incorrect. It’s incredibly easy:

    – Your country elected Bush. Twice. (Maybe, ‘cause its arguable he cheated)
    – There were no weapons of mass destruction
    – The original estimates of the war weren’t even laughably close
    – The mission was not accomplished
    – You attacked the wrong country
    – You still haven’t captured the right guy
    – You were, in fact, not greeted as liberators
    – Republican economics have bankrupted the world and created a world wide recession
    – You can’t handle money without lying and cheating and hording
    – Universal health care does not equal death panels
    – Pretty much any medicare system in any first world country is far better than anything the United States can offer (and I know, I’ve lived under a few, including the US system)
    – Gay marriage did not bring the Apocalypse
    – … nor did it ruin the “sanctity of marriage.”
    – Furthermore, gay people are not the devil
    – A woman has a right to choose, ‘cause its, you know, her body (the Defenders of Freedom sure don’t like to give women the freedom of choice. Hmm. Irony)
    – Guns do kill people. Because that’s what a gun was created to do: Kill things.

    Seriously, do you really need for me to go on?

    That’s not even half the “hot topics” the Right have expressed their asinine opinions on but I could continue going on to list more of the Right’s utter failure of opinions and beliefs if you’d like.

    Its high time we all stop listening to people like you because you’ve contributed absolutely nothing to public discourse other than obfuscation or complete nescience.

    I’ve never seen a group of people more wrong in my entire life and yet they continue to insist that we don’t know what we’re talking about, that we need to be more understanding or that we need to be more open minded and listen to the people who are closer to the centre or more to the Right.



    I won’t listen to people who tell me that the sky is purple, I won’t listen to people who tell me that 2 + 2 = 5, I won’t listen to people who lie, cheat and belittle others and I’m ABSOLUTELY done listening to you and your fellow brood tell me what I should and shouldn’t be doing when you’ve all been so UNBELIEVABLY wrong in the past.

    I don’t care about your opinion, I absolutely don’t care about what you have to say, I don’t care about your response to this post, I don’t care how it makes you “feel,” what you think I think I mean or any of your other glib tripe you and your ilk type.

    The only thing I care about is that people like you STOP TALKING. You’re adding nothing to the discussion(s), your opinions have done nothing but make situations worse and your track record is absolutely fucking horrendous.

    If the Right was a person working at my company, I would have fired your asses LONG AGO and no, I wouldn’t have written you a letter of recommendation.

    So don’t tell me its hard to tell when we’re wrong or when you’re wrong or to tell Les to “come to the middle and we can actually have a dialogue about how to make the country better,” YOU DON’T HAVE ANY MERIT TO SAY THAT.

    You don’t get to tell us what to do and you certainly don’t get to tell anyone that you know how to make your country better. You and your ilk have proven to be COMPLETE FAILURES. The only thing we should be doing is stopping dinner tables like you from thinking you can speak at the same intellectual level as the rest of us. YOU CAN’T. STOP TRYING.

    I was thinking of writing a witty quip about going to get an education, but we all know that all you’d answer is that educational institutions are Liberal and therefore untrustworthy. Oh, I’m sorry. Did I just put words in your mouth and tell you what you think? Not as much fun when you’re on the receiving end, is it?

    So please. PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE STFU. And don’t ever tell anyone ever again to “come to the middle” until the Right has proven that they are not such complete wastes of flesh in the eyes of humanity and have done at least ONE decent thing for the global village in the next – let me be generous here, ‘cause I think you’ll need it – FIFTY YEARS.

    In return, we will continue to try to make this world a better place: one in which there are less to no wars, that people who are sick can be treated without worry, that women and men of all colours, creeds, sexual orientation and what have you are treated equally and fairly, that children won’t have to worry about getting shot in school, and people won’t have to worry about getting shot period, that we won’t have ignorants like you because everyone will have access to a proper education and that people will be able to choose what to do with their bodies without being worried that some nutcase will try to kill them for it.

    We’re working to make this world better for you whether you like it or not. STOP TRYING TO GET IN OUR WAY, YOU USELESS TWIT.

    And since I know in advance that you’re going to utterly fail at reading too, allow me to reiterate how much I won’t care about anything you say in any form of reply. Your tripe is worth less than nothing.

    As the kids say: KTHXBAI.

    WV after preview: own92. Thanks, captcha.

  12. Amen, TIMP.  I was going to write some sort of response to the concern troll up there, but yours is much better. smile

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