Sony drops price on PS3 to $299 and introduces new slim model.

It’s been a long running rumor and today at GamesCon Sony finally made it official. First they’re dropping the price of the PS3 to $299 effective immediately. That’s for the current 80GB model. Additionally they’re introducing the new PS3 Slim which will come with a 120GB hard drive for the same price.

That’s still going to be too expensive for some people and it’s clear that Sony is cognizant of the ongoing debate over the price of the PS3. The following video of the announcement goes to great lengths to point out that the price is now half of what it was when the PS3 was first introduced and the console itself is only three years old and will likely have a 10 year life. I do remember choking on my lunch when the initial price was announced and it took a long time for it to come down to a price point I was willing to buy it at, but I must say it’s been worth every penny so far. We use it as much as a media playback device (Blu-ray movies, streaming DivX from PC) as we do a gaming system and does both amazingly well.

Maybe it’s just me, but the new Slim model is fugly as hell. I’m really glad I bought one of the last of the original 60GB models before they all sold out as it looks much nicer than the new Slim model. Granted the new design is part of what’s allowing for the new price, but did they have to take out all the styling to do it? If you’ve been waiting to pick up a PS3 then I’d suggest grabbing one of the remaining 80GB models at the new price point while you can.

5 thoughts on “Sony drops price on PS3 to $299 and introduces new slim model.

  1. It looks cheap, ugly and bland. They really didn’t try very hard on its design.

    I’ll stick it out for a refurbished 60gb model.

  2. it’s so much less bulky than the current model, i don’t care if it’s not shiny. plus, it’s got a 50% bigger hard drive.  No comprendo getting the 80 over the 120.

  3. You can upgrade the HD on a PS3 quite easily and with as cheap as laptop hard drives are these days you’ll probably end up replacing it before too long regardless of which one you buy.

  4. Well well!!

    Wasn’t I just saying last week I had my eye on one of these for christmas?

    That little scenario just got a lot more likely!!

    Happy News!

  5. Yeah, but why start out with less? and “cheap” HD’s would still be on top of the price of the system.

    On top of that, one of the few things i’ve never liked about the system is the bulk (my room mate has one) It’s gigantic, and the curve means no stacking. The new one will be less intrusive amongst my other electronics.

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