Moving to afternoon shift.

We rotate shifts at work every so often and I’ve managed to go over a year without working the afternoon (4PM – 12:30AM) shift. The boss thought it was about time I took a turn on it and so I arranged to take day classes next semester and spent this past weekend shifting my sleep schedule. Seeing as a far part of my blogging happens during downtime at work this means my posting will probably happen later in the day. I’ll try to get some up in the hours before leaving for work, like this one, but expect a shift in when they show up.

The other bit of news is that apparently Ann Arbor does inspections of apartments every couple of years to ensure that they’re being properly maintained by the leasing company. Ours is due to be inspected this week so we’re cleaning up a bit in preparation. What fun!

3 thoughts on “Moving to afternoon shift.

  1. Our township does inspections every year.  It is annoying as last year they came right after I gave birth and she said I needed to clean up the house…all because I didn’t get the dishes in the washer yet from the night before.  *sigh*

  2. I used to work an afternoon shift, got stuck in traffic all the way to work, but coming back at night was always a good drive. just me and the truckers for an hour.

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