I wanna be a (pretend) rock star!

I’m not usually one for rhythm based games, but I have gotten rather fond of Harmonix’s Rock Band as a result of playing it at work. The fact that the game, along with all the instruments, cost $160+ at launch pretty much has kept me from picking up the game for home. Of course that price is from over two years ago and today you can get Rock Band Special Edition, which comes with the instruments, for $99.

That still wasn’t good enough for me so I’ve been holding out for a really good deal. Which has been frustrating because all the really good deals for the past several months have been for various iterations of Guitar Hero, RB’s main competition.  Those almost tempted me into picking up a GH game, but two things have kept me from doing so: 1) I wasn’t sure if I’d like the GH guitar controller as much as I like RB’s and 2) the pending release of The Beatles Rock Band. I’m a huge fan of The Beatles so when it was announced that RB had nailed down a license with them that pretty much sealed the deal for me.

Today my patience has been rewarded. The folks at MTV/Harmonix are now offering the Rock Band Mega Bundle which gives you Rock Band Special Edition for the PS3 or Xbox 360 plus a copy of Rock Band 2 and a copy of Rock Band AC/DC Track Pack for $99 ($115 after S/H). Two full games, all the instruments, plus a bunch of extra songs for the same price as just the first game alone? That’s a savings I can sink my teeth into even if I’m not a huge fan of AC/DC.

We’re considering it an early birthday present for me as my birthday is on the 25th. Though if it does take the 10 to 14 days to ship the site says it might then it may not be all that early of a present. Still I’ll be ready when The Beatles Rock Band is released sometime later this year. JethricOne has been playing RB on his PS2 with his daughter for some time now and we’re already making plans to get together and jam out on RB2. The fact that J1 is willing to sing just shows you how addictive this game can be. At some point I’ll have to look into a decent second guitar to pick up so someone can play bass in the band.

5 thoughts on “I wanna be a (pretend) rock star!

  1. That seems like a great deal, now I feel like a fool for shelling out. They’ve also got some good bass atachments, that are primarily different from the guitar in looking bassier (longer neck, four of the tuning things), and has a double strum bar so you can do it in a bassier way. I’m told by my brother, who actually plays bass, that it’s slightly realistic.

  2. Don’t feel too bad, I did have to wait two years from the release of the original game to get a good deal on it.

    I saw that Best Buy is advertising the RBSE by itself for $99 at the moment.

  3. I couldn’t pass this up either.
    I was thinking of asking for the Beatles kit’n kaboodle, but now maybe I’ll just get a Beatles bass to go with.

    Of course I got 360 rather than PS3.  wink

  4. Also a big Beatles fan, I woud like to get that game as well. Keep us posted on it, Les.
    Today is also the anniversary of Abbey Road, which is arguably their best album and my favorite album by anyone.

  5. I think at some point I might shell out for GH or RB, but right now I wouldn’t be able to play it with anyone but myself and my wife. Which is fine, but the game is much more fun when you can get others involved. I’m thinkin I might wait till I move closer to my friends. By then there will likely be a new one out too!

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