FOX News puts Egypt where Iraq should be on map.

And to think we actually wonder why FOX News viewers are misinformed idiots. It’s because FOX News is run by misinformed idiots:

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Yes, that’s a real image and not a Photoshop job. It’s apparently from late July. Now I’m not the greatest at geography myself, but if I were making maps for a major news channel I’d take the time to make sure they were accurate. What with Iraq being in the news for almost a decade now you’d think FOX News could at least get their maps correct. I wonder if this is the work of the same idiot who keeps labeling scandal plagued Republicans as being Democrats?

10 thoughts on “FOX News puts Egypt where Iraq should be on map.

  1. It’s beyond belief how they actually aired that. I still have trouble believing it’s not a photoshop. I’m pretty terrible with geography but that’s an elementary mistake. Not to mention you would think Fox would have a staff of folks to prepare broadcasts and check material. At least the obvious stuff, I mean we all know they fabricate material and lie, but this is special.

  2. Who cares?  Egypt and Iraq are both over there somewheres, both are full of people darker than me who worship the devil, and they are both communist dictatorships bent on destroying the American way of life.  Geography is for chumps.

  3. My 13 year old has just done his best hillbilly impression, wondering if the Cons have sent troops to the right place…

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