Barney Frank shows how to deal with the Republican nutcases.

Representative Barney Frank was holding a town hall meeting last night on the proposed health care reforms. As per usual the Republican lunatics showed up and started doing their Obama-Is-Hitler-and-Health-Care-Reform-is-Nazism bullshit routine. Frank did what all the other spineless Democrats should be doing and called the woman on her bullshit:

THAT’s how the Dems should be responding to these idiots. There’s no rational debate to be had with those clowns. They need to be called out for the FOX News watching morons they are and then move on to people who have real and legitimate concerns about the reform. Who have more to offer than made-up Republican lies and vandalized pictures of Obama.

Found via Boing Boing.

19 thoughts on “Barney Frank shows how to deal with the Republican nutcases.

  1. They believe in the government when it tells them about WMD’s, they re-elect Bush and support the spending of billions in Iraq, but, they don’t believe the government about the benefits of universal health care for themselves and for their families, and they believe that this current health care system which is hurting the economy and which is giving us low mortality rates among industrialized nations is the best in the world. Voting against your interests, bending to the will of the MIC and the Special Interests groups… way to go, America.

  2. Positive – 100% agree. Two things come to mind when I read your comment.

    1. Lewis Black (I think, though it might have been Bill Maher, probably both) said that he was amazed at the number of people in the US who continued to rant about how this is the greatest country in the world.  This from the people that have never been anywhere.  I would like to support this in saying that if you’ve never actually been out of your country there is no real way to know that you live in the greatest one in the world, just like the people that think we have the best health care system.  They just think what they’ve been spoon fed.

    2. I was watching Penn & Teller’s Bullshit last night, the episode on Patriotism.  It was filmed several years ago, during the height of the Bush administration, and they interviewed some asshat radio talking head about what patriotism is.  He said more or less that it was NOT questioning everything your government does, and supporting whatever they decided to do because they are your elected officials.  I would bet a large sum of monopoly money that he doesn’t sing that tune anymore, anybody want to take me up on that bet?

  3. Because a gay person from a Jewish background is obviously going to support a ‘Nazi’ policy…

    If universal healthcare is made available in the US then hopefully people like her will receive the psychiatric treatment that she obviously needs.

  4. Positive, it has already been established that while many of us had our heads down studying things, our C students took over. Our crazy fucks scream loudest. We’re on it. Keep up.

  5. Excuse me, but wasn’t the woman a Lyndon LaRouchite, not a Republican?  Ol’ LL always ran as a Democrat, btw, but their weird mix of beliefs really doesn’t fit anywhere into a Democrat-Republican continuum.

    Nazis were National Socialists, so, yes, you can be a Nazi and a socialist.  I don’t think Obama is a Nazi though he seems to have a strong socialistic component in his policies.

  6. North Korea is called Democratic People’s Republic of Korea, but I would hazard that there is very little democracy and very little republic involved. Sometimes things are not what they are called.

  7. I didn’t know that you could be a black Nazi. Hitler would be furious.
    Obama is not a socialist. Real socialists laugh when they hear this. There is a big shade of gray between socialism and unrestricted capitalism. Teddy Roosevelt wasn’t a socialist simply because he worked to restrict child labor and busted up monopolies. The U.S. has moved so far to the right thanks to Republican propaganda that moderates are now perceived as liberals and liberals as full blown Commies.
    If people in this country were worried about redistribution of wealth they would not have voted Republican and allowed the Republican party to expand the gap between rich and poor.
    Justice… keep up with what?
    Bog… I think both Maher and Black have made similar comments, especially Maher. I like Penn & Teller Bullshit! and I have seen that episode. Obviously Republicans are going to be anti-government when Democrats are in power and vice versa. My view is that one should always be skeptical of government, but these people at these town hall meetings are shills for big business and medical industry exploitation, they are pawns.

  8. I don’t think that people who have such a knee-jerk reaction to the word socialism have a good understanding of the true meaning of the word nor the critical thinking skills to recognize which types of services might best be socialized and which should not be. “It’s a socialist program” should not be an argument for *or* against any given program.

    Of course, we should abolish all socialist programs in the USA! Down with the fire department! If you can’t pay for private fire protection, then no firefighters for you!

  9. absolutely loved that!  thats something that the democrats should have been doing for months.

    btw watching the writhing and twisting involved in us politics is great fun grin

  10. The people of Massachusetts are insane, worthless, chickenshits.  Look at the scumbags they continually elect to public office.  Kennedy’s, Franks, and other worthless socialists, adulterers, murderers, perverts.  If they want a socialist country, let them move to one.  The only thing they use the Constitution for is to wipe on.  Forget secession for other states, let’s EXPEL Massachusetts, and California, and New Jersey, and New York.  What sorry excuses for Americans. I am a second generation Hispanic American and I know more about my beloved country and it’s foundation than any of those elected officials.  I love America! God Bless the USA!

  11. Having read that I was going to respond by calling you a dumb kid or talking about how much the rest of the country would suffer if those states were not a part of the union, or pointing out how conservatives in this decade have raped the constitution at every turn. But, my response is: Tell that to all of the people from those states, past and present, who have served and died for this country. Tell that to the veterans from those states, California in particular being one of the states that sent more troops to Iraq than any place else, along with Texas. And tell that to the New Yorkers who lost family members on 9/11. Like the bitch in the video talking about the Nazis, Republicans in ever growing numbers are showing themselves to have no concept of decency.

  12. Positive:  I am not a dumb kid.  I am 66 years old and served in Vietnam, where I received the Purple Heart.  I understand your point of view.  What I am trying to say is that the people representing those people are scum.  The people who continue voting for them are ignorant leeches who want something for nothing.  I am from Texas and own two business I started from nothing.  We have reps here who are worthless too, but they are outnumbered by those who at least tip their hats to the Constitution.  Our collective problem is that the Republicans of today are the Democrats of the sixties and the Democrats of today are the Socialists of the fifties.  Both suck.

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