Yeah, I’m starting to get low on things to blog about. (#Blogathon)

And the fatigue is definitely starting to set in. I know this because I am doing something I am normally loathe to do. I am watching the SciFi Channel (I refuse to use the “new” spelling). Worse, I’m watching one of their really bad original horror movies. A haunted ship movie called The Triangle featuring a killer cruise ship that turned evil after crossing into the Bermuda Triangle or some similar line of nonsense. It’s bad. Staggeringly bad. It has Luke Perry (who’s the dude being influenced by the ship) and Dan Cortese (who’s playing the attractive hero) along with a handful of other actors I don’t recognize that are there to drive up the body count. I doubt there’s a single haunted ship cliche they’ve missed. The overacting is so thick you could cut it with a dull whiffle bat. The effects are non-existent and the dialogue is laughable.

So why am I watching it? Well it’s kind of like seeing a bad car accident you can’t look away from. Then there’s the fact that almost every other channel is airing infomercials at this time of night. Combined with the fact that I’m tired. It all adds up to a stunning inability to disengage myself from the crap that is unfolding before my eyes.

Oh look, the hero just killed the ship with a flare gun in a totally improbable and stupid fashion. And the boat sank instantly. Wow.

And to think I only have four more hours to go. 

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