What if homeopathic medicine were the standard at a hospital?

It might look a little bit like this:

I dunno, but I think I’ll stick with the old-fashioned hospitals were they use real medicine.

Found via Bad Astronomy who notes that sometimes simple mockery makes the strongest point.

Update: Apparently That Mitchell and Webb Look is a series that takes on all sorts of topics that appeal to me. The Friendly Atheist found another clip by them takes on something we’ve discussed here many times before:

I think I may need to track down a few full episodes of this series!

4 thoughts on “What if homeopathic medicine were the standard at a hospital?

  1. I thought it was funny because people such as myself who are believers in prevention of dis-ease by eating well, avoiding toxins such as drug medication, and treating conditions with a more natural and “WHOLE-istic” (treating mind, body, spirit and soul)

    We would, during the event of an emergency, call 911 and go to the hospital.

  2. Eating well is certainly a good first step. Avoiding toxins is probably not a bad idea though one would argue on whether drug medication as a whole qualifies when used properly. The last statement in that first paragraph starts to drift off into woo-woo land, but it probably doesn’t help that I don’t buy into the concept of a soul.

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