Sick with a cold. Consider this an open thread.

Thanks to The New Guy at work I’ve come down with a nasty head cold. Ended up leaving work after four hours yesterday and spent the rest of the day sleeping in bed. Even missed my night class to do it. Only got up long enough to go to the bathroom and/or eat a bowl of soup before crawling back into bed.

I’m back at work today, but still dragging ass. Little light headed and fuzzy, but I should be able to make it through the day. Would’ve preferred to stay home one more day, but my job doesn’t offer luxuries like sick time or vacation time. Will hopefully be back to normal by Friday.

Don’t know how much (if any) blogging I’ll do today or tomorrow so consider this an open thread until my head’s clear enough to rant about something.

10 thoughts on “Sick with a cold. Consider this an open thread.

  1. I will rant for you.  People that don’t wash their hands/cover their noses and mouths when they are sick suck!  When DH works for a trash company a while back (he worked in the office) we were sick all the time because they didn’t offer but 2 weeks off..that included vacation and sick days.  Everyone always came in sick and no one ever washed their hands. 

    I made him take some hand sanitizer to work and told him to use it often and especially if he had been away from his desk as someone might decide to go in his cube.  He was able to keep away a lot of the nastier bugs like a stomach virus, but we still had a lot of colds…and today’s age you can’t get meds for kids anymore so not only was he sick, I was sick being pregnant/having to care for a new baby and a toddler.

    I was never so glad as when he went back to work to his old employer who offers unlimited paid sick days (as long as they don’t get abused).  More people are willing to take off work and not get the whole damn office sick.

  2. There is a bright side to getting a cold: you probably won’t die from it and when it is over you feel SO MUCH BETTER. It helps us to appreciate our good health that we tend to ignore most of the time.  grin

  3. Hope ya feel chipper soon, Les!

      Sandy, I’m not sure they have any meds that would help, unless they’ve started handing out anti-retroviral drugs for head colds!


  4. Its the Swine Flu, SWINE FLU I TELL YA.

    And You are GOING TO DIE, and BURN IN HELL for your GODLESS WAYS.

    This has been a public service announcement. And now back to the movie.

  5. Its the Swine Flu, SWINE FLU I TELL YA.

    And You are GOING TO DIE, and BURN IN HELL for your GODLESS WAYS.

    Is that tatamount to yelling “Fire” in a crowded theater?  wink

  6. Are you trying to limit my free speech LOL  big surprise  LOL

    What do you think will happen? people will be crushed in the rush to get out of the internet and away from Les?

  7. I heard he broke his leg. Proving beyond a shadow of a doubt the existence of a just god.

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