Outrage in New Zealand over risque messages on baby clothes. (#Blogathon)

Child advocates in New Zealand have the diapers all in a bunch over a line of baby clothing with bawdy slogans on them:

The T-shirts and suits are on sale in Australian chain Cotton On Kids’ 17 Kiwi stores and feature slogans including “I’m a tits man”, “The condom broke”, “I’m living proof my mum is easy” and “Mummy likes it on top”.

Those seem pretty funny to me, but then I have a website called Stupid Evil Bastard. So what’s so wrong with those slogans?

National Council of Women of New Zealand president Elizabeth Bang agreed and said the slogans were “awful”.

“We’ve noticed more and more of this and we think it’s time it stopped. There’s quite a lot of research showing the sexualisation of children can be harmful to their mental and physical health.”

Moyna Fletcher, of anti-child abuse trust CPS, said the clothing exploits children for adults’ entertainment.

I’m not sure I buy the whole sexualisation of children argument. Of the four examples I can see the argument, maybe, with the first one, but the rest of them? I’d be more worried about the harm it would due to the self-esteem of the mother than the toddler.

Clinical psychologist April Trenberth, who works with child sex abuse victims, said the range seemed “cute” and “harmless”, but was actually “insidious and dangerous”.

Insidious and dangerous? How? The article doesn’t say. Personally I think it’s a lot of fuss over nothing, but then, as I said, that’s my kind of humor. After all the SEB Store has a “Stupid Evil Bastard In Training” toddler jumper for sale in it.

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  1. Kinda hard to take this group seriously when their president has a last name like Bang.

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