Obama can’t even have a beer without some idiot complaining.

Unless you’ve been living under a rock for the past few weeks then you know that Henry Louis Gates, Jr., a prominent black Harvard law professor, was arrested for the crime of trying to enter his own home by a white Cambridge police officer. A situation made slightly worse by Obama when he criticized the police officer publicly. To try to smooth things over between all three parties the President invited both men to the White House for a beer.

How frickin’ cool is that? The President of the United States is going to have a beer with a couple of ordinary citizens involved in a heated dispute in a small gesture at improving race relations. That’s a man of the people in my book. You don’t get much cooler than that.

Naturally I expected someone to have a problem with this. Perhaps someone would bitch that Obama is wasting time chillin’ with some brewskis when there are pressing matters he should be attending to. Or perhaps someone would complain that it was nothing more than an overblown PR stunt. What I didn’t expect was that someone would raise a fuss over which beers are being served:

Earlier this week the White House indicated each man would drink the beer of their choice — Bud Light for President Obama, Blue Moon for the police officer, and perhaps Red Stripe or Beck’s for Gates.

But one Massachusetts congressman thinks another beer entirely should be served: Boston’s own Sam Adams.

In a letter to Obama dated Wednesday, Massachusetts Rep. Richard Neal strongly urges the president not to drink Budweiser, now owned by a Belgian company. Nor should the White House consider serving Miller or Coors, Neal writes, both owned by a United Kingdom conglomerate.

Instead, the White House should serve the three men — all with ties to Massachusetts — the local favorite, not only because of its popularity in the region but also because it remains the largest American-owned and brewed beer, Neal says.

Are you fucking kidding me? Are we really going to criticize the President because he wants to drink a beer produced by a foreign owned company? Why can’t we just let these guys drink whatever the fuck beer they want to drink without trying to politicize the hell out of the decision? Maybe none of the three of them likes Sam Adams beer. I wouldn’t know if Sam Adams is better than Bud Light because all beer tastes like chilled horse urine to me. Well, what I imagine chilled horse urine would taste like, not having actually tasted it.

I get so sick of these idiots in Washington who have to take the smallest gesture of goodwill on the part of anyone and find some stupid way of turning it into a test of patriotism. If the President were to personally rush into a burning building to save a baby by wrapping it in a blanket there would be someone who would complain that blanket was made in China and that the President wasn’t patriotic enough to use a blanket made in the USA to wrap the infant in. He used/consumed a foreign company’s product!? Why does he hate America??

Grow the fuck up. Let the man drink his choice of beer without having a fucking fit about it.

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  1. I listen to fox news radio when i work- its like having ‘car crash FM’ on – its wildly entertaining in that its bloody mental!!. Wellm this guy on there who ranted abouy Obamas taste in beer for about 1 hours actually said ‘well folks, this prroves that Obama is a terrible president’. he actually said that.

  2. Well, I would agree that this “Beer Summit” is a political stunt. Not to just single out Obama because everything every president ever does is practically a political show. So how could you not expect a bunch of fucktards to not nitpick about any one thing?

    But, as you may guess, I am going to nitpick something about your post! cheese

    How can anyone say that Prof. Gates was arrested for the crime of entering into his own home? He was arrested for disorderly conduct and I think that it has become quite clear that he deserved it because he was way out of line. You may say, “But he was in his own home, he can do whatever he likes!” Well, not really. Case in point:

    A guy my brother knew, a white guy, threw a party at his home. It got pretty rowdy and the police were called. The police knocked on the door and asked everyone if they could keep it down because the neighbors were complaining. The drunk owner of the home, beer in hand and slurring his words yells, “Hey, cop! Are you, or are you not a public servant?”

    The cop replies, “Yes sir, I am a public servant.”

    Drunken homeowner yells, “WELL THEN SUCK MY DICK!”

    *Clink* The cuffs went on and he got hauled in and I believe the charge was disorderly conduct. Nobody felt sorry for him. Nobody cried police brutality, oppression or racism. In fact everyone laughed at him for being such an idiot.

    This is a very similar circumstance as far as I can see. You would expect better behaviour from a Harvard Professor than to be hostile right off the bat and then let it get out of hand by screaming something about his momma! Especially when the police were simply following up on a breaking and entering call.

    As far as Obama being criticized for his comment about the police acting “stupidly”, well I think that that was played up a bit too much because he did offer the caveat that Prof. Gates was a friend of his and that he was a bit biased. So why all the hubub about that I don’t know.

    But if anyone was a little bit the victim of racism, I would say that it was Sgt. Crowley in this instance.

    Just my 2 cents.

  3. What I didn’t expect was that someone would raise a fuss over which beers are being served

    Really?  That was the first thing I thought of; “ZOMFG, what beer will they serve without pissing someone off?”  Brands of beer are as bad as sports teams or favorite bands.  Mix beer with politics and you really have something undrinkable.

    I have no problem with political stunts, by the way.  Another term for a political stunt is; “symbolic act”.  It’s a way of communicating.

  4. …all beer tastes like chilled horse urine to me.

    Exactly.  I’ve said this for years.

    It is really cool to have an actual human being as President!

  5. The merits of the arrest are beside my point, though I could rant on about what a bullshit crime “disorderly conduct” is. That, however, is for a different rant.

    It just seems like getting pissed off over what brand of beer is served is petty beyond the pale.

  6. Yeah, I hear ya Les. Poop-slinging pundits ranting on and on about how Obama sucks as president because he didn’t order an American beer is beyond childish. (While they themselves probably drink Corona or Heinekin or some other foreign.)

    I’d be willing to bet that Obama probably temporarily forgot that Bud is no longer an American beer and thought he was ordering American. (Someimes you just can’t win.)

    Ever notice how Obama already is looking 10 years older than from when he began? Seems to happen to all presidents. That job must absolutely run you ragged like noone would ever believe.

    Probably because you have to put up with the most petty shit imaginable and have to keep your anger all bottled up inside. That’s gotta take a toll!

  7. In my opinion, I think Obama’s own personal enemies want to get pissed off for the sake of getting pissed off.  So they go figure a way to prove that Obama is an enemy of America in any dumb way, shape, or whatever the hell comes up in front of us.

    I’m surprised they don’t slam Obama because of the video game system he owns(Which was made by a Japanese company.  But then again, so is the Playstation)

  8. Imho, Bud Light tastes like dilute horse piss, and Samuel Adams is pretty good, like a lot of American beers these days, aside from the mainstream ones.

    But of course that’s beside the point.  I could be optimistic and say that when Obama’s enemies can’t think of anything better to criticize than his choice of beer, for Darwin’s sake, then they are only shooting themselves in the foot in public.  But unfortunately, I’m afraid issues like this are very important to many American voters.

  9. I have a feeling Sam Adams is a proper beer, where as the buds, coors etc of the world are not.  I keep waiting for Zilch to pass through the UK close enough to me so we can test the beers I like- not only do we have the 16th cent coaching inn that serves the local brewery’s finest, but a pub that has 10 real ales on pump (not tap) at any one time.

    Blair looked like he had aged by more than 10 years when he stepped down.  Bush remains remarkably unchanged- doubt he ever worried enough!

  10. I am offended by all the ultra-nationalist zealots who have reduced the concept of patriotism to merely what brand of beer (or car, or whatever) one buys. Exercising freedom of choice is a more fundamental and righteous value than merely following some jingoistic “buy American” platitude.

    That said, I would think the Pres. would have shown some local flavor by ordering up a batch of fresh microbrew from the D.C. area. A good chance Capitol City Brewing Company or someone else in town would’ve jumped at the opportunity to send over a few growlers of IPA or stout for the event.

  11. mmmmmmmmmmm. IPA.

    Is it a proper IPA- would I drink it? (This is the sort of think that man of the world Zilch would know).

    I wonder what what Obama really likes.  In the 70s British Prime Minister Harold Wilson famously invited Union Leaders round for ‘Beer and Sandwiches’ to try and resolve the problems. He actually was a whisky man, but the was a private vice, as that would have seen to be too elitest for a Labour PM in the 70s.

  12. How frickin’ cool is that? Not in the least.

    Obama’s job is to run the country, not play arbiter for minor misunderstandings that need to be handled locally. Now every black person that thinks they’ve been wronged by whitey is going to expect Obama to be their personal defendant.

    The entire situation is lop sided towards the black guy’s favor. The cop responded to a burglary call, found a man inside, the officer asked for his ID, Gates was resistant and aggressive and he was detained until his ID could be confirmed. The cop was doing his job.

    Instead of being a paranoid racist prick, all Gates had to do was say “This is my home officer, here is my ID” and the entire situation would have been completely prevented.

  13. LH- The next time I’m in your neighborhood, I will most certainly be happy to meet you and try out the local brews.  I can recommend the IPA made by the Lagunitas Brewing Company, and I wouldn’t be surprised if Capitol City Brewing Company’s IPA is also good.  There are lots of microbreweries in the States giving European beers a good run for their money.

    Norman: what you said.  I just came back from five great weeks in the US, and I can truly say that Americans have a lot to be proud of, especially their openness and willingness to laugh at themselves.  But claiming righteousness for all things American is childish and dangerous.

  14. I could care less who owns the company, Budweiser is simply dreadful, certainly not beer. Don’t know about the other two labels, there is a Red Stripe in the Carribean which isn’t bad.

  15. I wonder what what Obama really likes.

    I have a feeling that when you’re a politician, what you actually like gets lost in all the expectations and spin.  Probably takes some people years after leaving office to find themselves again.

  16. I have a feeling that when you’re a politician, what you actually like gets lost in all the expectations and spin.

    Hey, I’m not even a politician, and this applies to me (whoever that is) too.

  17. I had some red stripe the other day; it was sort of a fad some years back: I never tried it. You know what? That stuff is pretty damned good!

      Sam Adams,m somehow, has maintained enough integrity so that their beer is still pretty decent. That said, I’m quite sure it’s still different from what it was 10-plus years ago. It used to be fresher. And almost sweet. With a finer bubble. Oh well.

  18. Zilch? You in Sweden? Or just your ISP’s trans-oceanic link? (hence the flag)

    I thought you were in Austria for some reason..

    I envy your beer options.. Sigh..

  19. legacy- no, I am really in Austria (for some reason), but some computer magic I can’t explain, but Les probably can, places me in Sweden.  Probably my ISP’s trans-oceanic link.

    No need for envy.  I wouldn’t mind being able to get certain American beers here, for instance Lagunitas IPA or Anchor Porter, but I can’t.  And Guinness is too expensive, and Black Sheep Ale unavailable.  I will have to console myself with Budweiser- that is, the original from Budvar in the Czech Republic, which is to American “Bud” as Abraham Lincoln is to Ronald Reagan.  In fact, I think I’ll have one now.  Cheers from sultry Vienna, zilch.

  20. Can’t say that I have. Not liking the handful of beers I have tried I’ve not experimented too much. When it comes to alcohol my preferences tend to run the same as they do for coffee. I prefer sweet over bitter.

  21. If you have an opportunity, I recommend it. My understanding is that she is fermented with Champagne yeast which may be to your liking. Interesting, though, it is an old brew (dating I believe some 500 years or so) and is considered a “sour” Flemmish. A lot of beer fanatics swear by the Westy 12 (a Trappiste) but I personally prefer the sours, like my girl or Grand Cru.

    If you prefer the sweets, may I suggest a Framboise?  (it’s double fermented with (a) fruit) and is really nice in this regard. As you probably have already assumed, we’re WAY out the leagues of the commercials brews here. They have the potential to change your enitre view of what beer is as it has mine.



  22. Damn, Les, when I hit it big on the Lottery, and pay for your holiday here, what am I going to buy you to drink- you won’t like my taste in beers- hoppy/malty. Maybe you should try an IPA (does that mean India Pale Ale in the US?)

  23. IPA is indeed India Pale Ale in the US, unless everything that I think I know is wrong, which is of course quite possible…

  24. I will have to console myself with Budweiser- that is, the original from Budvar in the Czech Republic, which is to American “Bud” as Abraham Lincoln is to Ronald Reagan.  In fact, I think I’ll have one now.  Cheers from sultry Vienna, zilch.


  25. I will have to console myself with Budweiser- that is, the original from Budvar in the Czech Republic, which is to American “Bud” as Abraham Lincoln is to Ronald Reagan.  In fact, I think I’ll have one now.

    Woo Hoo! Beer thread!

    Budvar Bud is not a bad consolation, Zilch. I have had it many times while in Germany, and it’s mighty tasty. It has absolutely no resemblance to the swill from St. Louis. I still have a Budvar Bud stemglass that I…err…reappropriated from a bierstube in Munich. smile

    Last week I found some Shiner Bohemian Black Lager at my local liquor store and snapped up a couple six-packs. Tasty stuff.

  26. mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm IPA.


    As a goth I had a long coat that could comfortably hold a pint glass in the outer pockets, holding up to 3/4 pint of Guinness in the glass, and if need be a (wrapped) doner kebab in the other.

    Local Lidl’s and Aldi’s, being German companies, carry a good range of European beer.

  27. As a goth I had a long coat that could comfortably hold a pint glass in the outer pockets, holding up to 3/4 pint of Guinness in the glass, and if need be a (wrapped) doner kebab in the other.

    Local Lidl’s and Aldi’s, being German companies, carry a good range of European beer.

    Ahhhh…a good old coat will never let you down.

    The Aldi stores around here don’t carry beer at all. But I do have a favorite liquor store nearby with an owner who knows his way around beer. They carry most of the major European beers, though they’re not as fresh after enduring such a long ride across the pond. Nothing beats Guinness served fresh in a Dublin pub, pumped from a keg that was probably filled that morning at the brewery.

    Here in the States I tend to gravitate toward some of the microbrews, just because they are fresh from not having to travel so far, and many are true to European brewing standards and flavor. But I do miss the pubs in Britain and Ireland with a dozen or more good brews on pump. I really need to get back over there again.

    BTW, thanks to Zilch for mentioning the Lagunitas IPA. I picked some up on the way home tonight, and it is indeed tasty.


  28. he’s american. having experience of cia and us overseas protagonists. they are a complete bunch of idiots. nb osama bin laden used to be a member of the cia. the only one i respect. god bless him.
    good luck on the jihad. however use a bigger aircraft next time.

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