Now for a musical interlude: The Avalanches.

Someone at work sent out a link to this bizarre music video by an electronica group called The Avalanches. The song is called “Frontier Psychiatrist” and it’s stuck in my head. So I thought I would share the wonderful pain:

Apparently this hails from all the way back in 2001. I may have to seek out a copy of the CD if the rest of the songs are as fun as this one.

8 thoughts on “Now for a musical interlude: The Avalanches.

  1. I saw them live. I think it was at the Big Day Out in 2001. Great show.

    Still waiting on their fabled second album.

  2. May I have that 4 minutes and 24 seconds of my life back please? Actually, it was worth it, if only for the fact that I have a friend that I can share that with who will truly enjoy it.

  3. I remember this song, and it crops up occasionally on the iPod.

    I can’t remember the last time I saw this video, but thanks for sharing and making me reminisce! grin

  4. I have that CD. The whole CD is made of samples and it is really interesting. Defintely worth the listen!

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