More stupidity with the year 2012. (#Blogathon)

I was just talking about this on the live feed and thought it would make a decent blog post. Can we please stop giving attention to the nutcases who are claiming the world is going to end in 2012? The folks at the Salt Lake Tribune just published an article on this nonsense in part, I suspect, because of the impending release of the Roland Emmerich disaster film based on it.

What caught my attention, however, was this comment by associate professor Lynn Clark:

It’s not a religious film per se, but its religious imagery and end-of-days tribulations will resonate, experts say, with audiences—particularly young people—who take their spiritual cues from pop culture.

“Hollywood movies tend to succeed if they don’t underestimate [the sophistication of] their audience,” said Lynn Clark, associate professor of new media at the University of Denver. “There is an urgency for [spiritual discovery] that is part of the undercurrent of young people’s lives these days.”

Youth may not be avidly reading their Bibles and attending church in large numbers, but Clark said they do look to the entertainment industry to initiate religious discussions.

Really young people? Are you really taking your “spiritual cues” from pop culture? It would explain a lot. And can Hollywood ever really underestimate the sophistication of their audience? When stuff like Paul Blart: Mall Cop not only being made, but doing semi-respectable business at the box office I’d have to say that you could never underestimate the sophistication (or lack of it) of the audience.

And if you’re going to look to the entertainment industry to initiate religious discussions surely there are much better movies out there to do that with than 2012. Granted I can’t think of any off top of my head at the moment, but surely there’s something out there.

1 thought on “More stupidity with the year 2012. (#Blogathon)

  1. Cues from movies?

    Make an atheist movie…not some lame movie with a skeptic in it that finds some sort of belief.

    A feel good movie about being an atheist…Paul Blart, Atheist Mall Cop…he says Gesundheit instead of God Bless You and works on Sundays…

    Religulous, maybe…

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