Michelle Bachmann’s argument against health care for all? It’ll be a hassle for her. (#Blogathon)

I’ve said it before, but it bears repeating. Michelle Bachmann is just fucking nuts. She’s also selfish, shallow, and greedy, but mainly she’s fucking nuts:

Why offer more people health insurance, Rep. Michelle Bachmann (R-Minn.) asked at a press conference Friday, if they might lengthen waits for doctors and otherwise increase the “hassle factor” for her?

“That’s like having a mother bear protecting her little cubs, and she’s seeing that she has to move heaven and earth to get her child what her child needs,” Bachmann said, referring to the health care reforms being debated by Congress. “We’ll do it if we have to, but why put ourselves in that situation?”

[…] “I think most all of us here have had the opportunity to take our kids to a fast-food restaurant,” said Rep. Judy Biggert (R-Ill.). “We want to get a good dinner, and you walk in and there’s 50 people there and it seems like everybody in line wants to buy food for their soccer team or whatever. The American people aren’t particularly good at standing in line, but that’s exactly what’s going to happen if this health care plan goes through.”

So her argument at this point consists of: We shouldn’t let everyone have access to health care because it’ll make the lines longer. I’m sorry your child had to die from an easily curable disease so that Michelle Bachmann didn’t have to wait in a long line. If you really loved your kids you’d have a better job so you could afford decent health care. Or better yet, do like Michelle and become a government employee in a position that gives you free health care of the best kind.

1 thought on “Michelle Bachmann’s argument against health care for all? It’ll be a hassle for her. (#Blogathon)

  1. What’s funny about that notion is that as a member of Congress she’s probably already cheating in line, either by assholes bending over backwards to please her or because of that whole “Congress is made out up of people rich enough to run for Congress” thing. Here’s a hint: Members of Congress and Bill Gates won’t ever be sitting around in waiting rooms for their medical care the same way the rest of us do. They just won’t. You can’t change that without radically changing the way our whole economy and culture works, so you won’t change it with legislation. Ever.

    Maybe you’ll be increasing the wait times for the people at the very bottom of the system by overloading access a bit, but at least those people at the bottom won’t be stuck there because of insane medical expenses as much. And the people below them, the people who right now can’t get any care at all? They’ll actually be served by their government. Wow.

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