Man calls 911 repeatedly cause he’s upset with his order at McDonald’s. (#Blogathon)

This is a bit old, but I didn’t get around to it when it first hit the net.

SEB Tip of the Day: No matter how mad you are about how your McDonald’s order was handled repeatedly calling 911 about it will get you arrested:

Jeremy Martin, 23, was charged with improper use of the 911 service, the Clackamas County Sheriff’s Office in Oregon reported.

Martin allegedly called the 911 dispatcher and explained that he had paid $10 but only received a single burger and an order of fries, according to the Web site.

The police dispatcher told the man it was not a police matter and requested he try to resolve the matter with the manager of McDonald’s.

But the man identifying himself as Martin demanded that a police officer arrive at the restaurant, threatening to sue.

“This is a 911 emergency,” the man said, according to the Web site. “I got robbed for eight dollars.”

Certainly I can see calling the police and filing a report or maybe filing a suit in small claims court, but 911 is a bit overkill and being insistent on it when you’ve already been told not to call is just making an ass out of yourself. Especially when it’s all of eight dollars. Grow the fuck up.

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