Let’s get the interactive portion of this show going. (#Blogathon)

As I mentioned previously, I’ll be broadcasting a live feed from my web cam through much of the Blogathon.  You can either go to the SEB Show Channel or you can watch it in this entry here. I’ll keep this one stickied at the top until the ‘thon is over so you won’t have to hunt for it. You can interact with me either through the chat panel on the channel, twitter, or via email. Give me bits of encouragement. Ask me questions I can blog about. Point me to possible topics. Or just confirm that your typical blogger is a fat guy sitting in his basement.

Note that I’ll pause the broadcast from time to time as I’ll be heading upstairs to blog on my laptop periodically when I’m eating or just need a break from this chair.

Updated: Forgot to put in the URL to the channel in the link. Oops!

18 thoughts on “Let’s get the interactive portion of this show going. (#Blogathon)

  1. As creepy as it may sound, I’ll be watching you very closely Les to make sure you’re alive. I’ll be your monitor this year, if you need anything give a holler. Good luck!

  2. Thanks Jeff, I’ll be here. Will take the occasional break to move upstairs and use the laptop, but will have the camera on when I’m downstairs.

  3. Dude.  Move every now and then.  There for a bit wasn’t sure if my machine locked up or you croaked.  wink

  4. What happens to the credit of those who don’t want a bankruptcy on their record if the whole state is declared?  I for one wouldn’t like to see that!

  5. I don’t think it would involve everyone in the state declaring bankruptcy, but the state itself doing so.

    And, for those confused where this topic came from, it’s something I mentioned on the live feed. Saw a news story where someone is suggesting our state should declare bankruptcy.

  6. If I may back to Tron.  When you were fourteen the movie was dark, fast, and hard for a mother to understand.  Now you are 41 and judging by the trailer it is maybe not as dark but still fast and hard for this old lady to understand.

  7. Les, the blogathon is cool, but something cooler, and maybe something you might want to think about would be a chat-athon.

    I have been running a mail list for 12-13 years and we do these a couple times a year, New Year’s Eve is our big one.  Yeah.  How geeky is that.  The NYE Chat goes for 24 hours, to obviously follow the New Year around the globe.  I think we’ve done this one for like 8+ years.  With the diverse bunch that you have view and comment here on your blog, I’m thinking that would be really fun.  Or scary!  grin

  8. That could be worthwhile. Do you guys have a webpage with info about it at all? Or is it something that happens more organically?

  9. Happens through the mail list to more or less organize it.  Keeps the trolls out, something that would likely happen given the content that your blog is built around, though that in and of itself might be fun for at least awhile.  Mail list members know about it, expect it, and look forward to it.  The mail list has over a 1000 members, a couple hundred active, and we range throughout the day from a few people in the chat to 30-40.

  10. Not to be stupid, but collars on cats are REALLY dangerous.

    I have an 18 year old Siamese cat semi dozing next to me.

  11. As I said in the live feed, we only make use of safety collars that will break away if the cat gets it hung up on something.

  12. Just checking in to see how you are doing!  But I won’t be with you the rest of the night—-the old lady thing—you know!

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