I can see the light at the end of the tunnel… (#Blogathon)

… oh, wait, that’s actually the sun coming up. It’s about 22 mins before 7AM here in Michigan and, had this been a weekday, I’d normally would have been an hour into my daily routine. Melvin, the Official SEB Cat, is taunting me laying curled up next to my thigh and snoring as loud as he possibly can. Considering how many of my weekend sleep-ins are disrupted by his early demand for food I’m somewhat tempted to shake him awake.

But I don’t because I spoil my kitty and he returns my love with an equal amount of total apathy on his part. But he’s a cat so that’s only to be expected.

For now I will try to ignore the siren call wafting through the air from my comfy bed which is confused and saddened by the lack of my presence in its warm embrace. It is not like me to forsake it’s love for so long and my absence is frightening the poor thing. Just five more entries to go and I can take the time to chase the leprechauns back into their cereal boxes where they belong.

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