Houston, the Blogathon is go. Repeat. The Blogathon is go!

So here we go. It’s 9AM EDT and I’m snuggled up here in the basement ready to get this party started. I’ve got a live web cam feed you can tune into so you can see that the myth of the fat blogger sitting in his basement ranting at the world isn’t such a myth after all. I’ve got coffee that should be just about done being brewed. And I’ve got next to nothing to blog about so I’ll be doing a lot of fly-by-my-pants looking for stuff to comment on.

Hey, it’s worked for me in the past.

So be sure to check in on me throughout the day (or night) as I attempt to keep up the hectic pace. I do have a few aces up my sleeve in that there are things I’ve been meaning to review for some time now that I can always fall back on if I get stuck for something. You can follow me on Twitter as well and I encourage you to do so and feed me topic ideas or questions you’ve always wanted me to answer. Some of my entries may even come in video blog format as I experiment with my pocket digital camcorder. If I get really desperate I might even dance, but I won’t sing because I still have a cold and I sound like crap.

As always it’s still possible to sponsor me if you feel so inclined. It’s 9AM. Time to get this party started.

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