Holy shit! Virgin Mary shows up in bird crap!

Pareidolia comes in all shapes and sizes and mediums including, apparently, bird shit. A gentleman by the name of Salvador Pachuca down in Byran, Texas was about to wash his truck when he spotted the bird shit on the side mirror and thought that it resembled the Virgin Mary.  His immediate reaction as a good Catholic was to declare this bird shit a miracle and invite all his friends and family to come see it.

You’d think they’d laugh at his foolishness for proclaiming bird feces to be a divine miracle, but then you would be grossly underestimating how seriously some people take their shit:

“As soon as I looked at it, it just gave me chills all over my body,” said one woman who came to see the image. “I was like, I just couldn’t believe it.”

“It’s the Virgin of Guadalupe,” explained Cristal Pachuca. “It’s just something special to us and she’s the one who appears when a miracle happens.”

When asked whether he felt protected, Salvador Pachuca answered, “Yes.”

“We just all feel protected,” continued Cristal Pachuca. “It’s a blessing to our family and to everybody that comes to see it.”

The family plans on saving the bird dropping. “I think we’re going to just put it on a shelf outside,” said Cristal Pachuca. “Probably take off the mirror and keep it there because it’s something special to us. I’m not going to wash it off.”

So what does this amazing bit of bird crap look like? Here you go:

Maybe it says something about me, but what I see in that picture is a vagina and not the Virgin Mary. Now I like vaginae as much as the next heterosexual guy, but I’d still wash the damn mirror off and get on with my life regardless of whether I saw a vagina, or the Virgin Mary, or even if I saw the Virgin Mary’s vagina (now THAT’d be a cool pareidolia) because I’m sure the last thing the Virgin Mary would want is me expending money to replace a perfectly good mirror simply because she decided to flash her privates on it.

Though I suppose there may be a market for images of the Virgin Mary’s vagina on eBay…

13 thoughts on “Holy shit! Virgin Mary shows up in bird crap!

  1. When asked whether he felt protected, Salvador Pachuca answered, “Yes.”

    Well, he’s not protected from bird crap landing on his truck. Nor is he protected from lacking common sense, a very obvious trait in someone who would willingly remove an otherwise functional mirror from his vehicle, creating a moving hazard that could result in injury or death. . . all because of bird shit.

  2. Wow, This makes me wanna invite any woman to my house so I can find a vagina that looks like the virgin mary. I know, cheap pick up line, but the offer is out there…. haha

  3. And here I thought Christianity was just a load of B.S. Wait, now, that could mean Bird Shit, not just Bull Shit. WOO HOO! It is still a load of B.S.

  4. OK I damn near spit my drink out when I clicked that link. I’m amazed someone actually painted that.

  5. I think that not only is this post inappropriate and insultative to many people out there who believe that our blessed Virgin Mary is sacred but it should be removed and people should be considerate of the beliefs of other people. I am outraged and sadden to see such things posted !

  6. Sorry Corina, I’m not concerned if some folks find it inappropriate and offensive. As for your beliefs, once you stop having ridiculous ones I’ll stop mocking them. Until then you can take your outrage and, well, you probably already know.

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