Headed back to Dr. Toothy.

I lost a filling the other night which puts me down by two as I lost one a couple of months back and hadn’t gotten around to getting it taken care of yet. This latest loss was rather large, however, so I felt I should do something about it. We’re transitioning from working for one contract house to an entirely different one which means I’m without dental insurance at the moment. The dental plan being offered isn’t worth the fee they’re charging for it so Anne and I had decided to not sign up as her job will be offering open enrollment in September and it offers much better insurance plans. So naturally that small period where we’re without insurance is the point in time when I lose a major filling. Not that it matters as I’d still be in mid-transition at this point and by the time it would have kicked in this would be considered a “pre-existing condition” and thus not eligible for coverage anyway.

The short of it is that I’ll be heading to a dentist for a 10AM appointment this morning straight from work and then returning to work after I’m done there. The cost for the exam and x-rays alone will be around $234. Fillings will be between $100 to $1000+ depending on how much work they are. We called around to several dentists and this appears to be more or less standard at this point. If it turns out I need to crown one or both of the teeth then the price just goes up from there. Fortunately there’s a company offering a means of paying the debt off over time that we’ll probably be taking advantage of. I’m just thrilled at this latest bump in the road. Still, you do what you gotta do.

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  1. Did you look for dental clinics or dental schools in your area?  They might be able to give you a better deal.

  2. I’ve gone that route previously and, honestly, I can’t afford the time commitment it requires.

    The office visit went well. My mouth isn’t in as bad a shape as I had feared. Have the bigger of the two holes filled though it’ll eventually need a crown. The other hole will be filled next Monday. All told with both fillings and the exam the bill will add up to around $530 or so which, again, isn’t as bad as I feared.

    The dentist we chose offers a payment plan through a third party company and we signed up for that because it gives us 12 months of time to pay it off at no interest. We’ll have it paid off within the next 6 months easily. That cushions the blow a bit.

    In September we’ll sign up for Anne’s benefit plan which is through Blue Cross/Blue Shield and appears to be a tad bit more useful than the crap my company is offering.

  3. I well remember writing checks to the dentist, and a third party plan as well.  Three sons with sealants was worth all the hassles.

    On Monday, I paid $199 co-pay for a root canal (insurance paying $792)
    when I got to the car, I put my head on the steering wheel and said Thank You to my guardian angel.
    Then later to my workingman husband.

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