Girl with half a brain still has full vision. (#Blogathon)

There’s an interesting article at New Scientist about a 10-year old girl who was born with half of her cerebral cortex missing yet she’s still has a full vision:

“It was quite a surprise to see that something like this is possible,” says Lars Muckli, a neuroscientist at the University of Glasgow, UK, who was part of the team that imaged the girl’s brain.

Doctors discovered that she was missing the right half at the age of three, after she began suffering from seizures.

However, the seizures proved treatable and the girl – known as AH – lives an otherwise normal life. The left side of her body is slightly weaker than the right, but this hasn’t stopped her from bicycling or roller-skating.

But what’s most amazing, Muckli says, is her ability to see out of the left and right visual fields. Patients who have half of their cortex removed to treat epilepsy invariably lose half of their visual field. “They would only see half of the world; this is what’s expected,” he says.

That’s because, each eye sends visual signals to two different halves of the brain via two distinct bundles of nerves. The nerves on the side of the eye nearest the nose are routed to the opposite side of the brain. The nerves nearest the temple, however, send information to the same side of the brain as the eye.

In other words, each eye sends half of the signals to one side of the brain and the other half to the other side of the brain. The nerves are wired in such a way that the right side of the brain ends up processing the images that make up the left side of our vision and the left brain processes the right side images.

AH, on the other hand, has no right hemisphere to receive any signal from her left visual field. What’s more, her right eye never developed, so she should get visual information only from one half of her left eye – that is, from just one nerve bundle.

Brain scans performed by Muckli’s team explain why that’s not the case. Her retinal nerves that should normally connect to the right half of her brain instead set up shop in two parts of the left brain: the thalamus and the visual cortex.

The ability of the human body to adapt and overcome problems during development never ceases to amaze me.

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  1. When I first saw this headline I thought it might be another post about Sarah Palin.

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