Games I’m Looking Forward To: “Modern Warfare 2”

It goes without saying, if you’ve spent any time around here at all, that I’m a big fan of the Call of Duty line of first person shooters. I was pleasantly surprised by Call of Duty 4: Modern Warfare as I was worried about the move away from WWII. Given how good the final result was I’m looking forward to the sequel. Especially after seeing some of the multiplayer action:

Looks like we get a new heartbeat monitor add-on and the ability to make use of the big gun in the AC130 to rain down some serious hurt on the enemy! The latter sequence from the first game being one of the cooler sequences. The simulated infrared screen really made it seem close to what you’d see in real life. Once again, however, it’s another title that will be hitting store shelves in the middle of my Krismas hiatus from buying stuff for myself. Aigh! Will have to drop some major hints to potential gift buyers.

Which reminds me, I still need to finish up the review of Call of Duty: World at War I started some time ago. Oops!

9 thoughts on “Games I’m Looking Forward To: “Modern Warfare 2”

  1. Looks good. I’ve never been that in to first-person shooters because the re-play value seems small compared to other types of games.

  2. So, Les, what system is this for?

    Poor silly me, I’m still limping along on a haggard old PS2. This fall, I’m thinking of finally plunking down the coinage for a next-gen.

    SO: XBox or PS3? Advice?

    Wait a minute.. It just occured to me that the answer may likely be “PC”.  Originally, COD was a PC title, and later ported to other systems, correct? Are they making this series directly on consoles now, or just porting them?

    Is that what you do your gaming on? PC?

    I’m ready for some new eye-candy on the screen, but I dont think my Inspiron 9400 is up to the task..

    So, I’m thinking XBOX but the RR of death still, somehow, seems to be a problem.

    What say you?

  3. BTW, completely off-topic, but I tried to log on and do some chatting, but my stupid connection was too slow for video, and I was getting some kind of browser errors from the site hosting it. (talking about blogathon)

    Oh well, nice job and I’m glad you were able to raise some money!

  4. vjack, the replay value comes from the multiplayer for me. I didn’t get into them until Half-Life came along as that was the first one with a heavily scripted story. The multiplayer was also one of the first to offer something other than free-for-all deathmatch (I prefer team deathmatch and other similar modes).

    Legacy, MW2 is being produced for the Xbox 360, PS3 and PC. Generally speaking I prefer to play my first person shooters on a PC as A) the framerate tends to be better so I don’t get motion sick and B) I can use a keyboard mouse. Originally the very first CoD was a PC only game, but starting with CoD3 they’ve been available on consoles. Inf act CoD3 was a console-only release developed by Treyarch whereas Infinity Ward is the company that developed most (not all) of the PC versions.

    As for Xbox 360 versus PS3, well, I own a PS3. There’s a few reasons for that: 1) I already own a decent gaming PC and most of the titles that are Xbox exclusive that I might want to play will generally be ported to the PC eventually anyway. 2) I’m a big fan of several Sony exclusive franchises. 3) I know people who are on their fourth and fifth Xbox 360 thanks to the RRoD. 4) It doubles as a Blu-ray player and I have a nice HDTV to use it on.

    In all honesty either choice is a good one and most titles will be produced for both machines, but I am definitely a Sony fanboy.

  5. It’s hard to believe that such a powerful company as MS can’t eliminate the RRoD problem. Truth be told, the only reason I considered it was the price; however it appears you get what you pay for.

    After this much time and publicity, it’s inconceivable that the RR is still such a problem.

    Well, that settles it then.

    I’m going to stick with Sony.

    Many are the hours of fun I’ve gotten out of my PS1 and PS2.


      Thanks for the info!


  6. legacyABQ:

    Well, for the time in which the 360 was manufactured, the RRoD was primarily a heat problem.

    I still know people who’ve disassembled their 360 after warranty expired and re-fastened the fan-heatsink, only to have the RRoD go away.

    The reason why they didn’t opt for a bigger system to compensate is particular to the old Xbox. One of the two reasons the Xbox didn’t sell well in Japan is because of its size. The second is because it’s rife with FPS games, which don’t go over nearly as well in Japan.

  7. Yeah, I remember you-tube videos on that subject..

    But I understand the RR problem is ongoing.

    Is that not true?

    The simplicity of the problem only highlights the absurdity of MS not being able to deal with it, you know what I mean?

    It’s not like heatsink attachment is an advanced alien technology!


    smile  smile

    BTW, do you game?  What do you play on? Just curious.

  8. My main complaint with CoD:WaW was the complaint I always have for FPS games nowadays.
    A “campaign” that takes 3-4 hours to finish, then nothing but multiplayer.
    So if you aren’t into multiplayer or don’t have a good enough connection(stupid sat internet), you’ve spent about 15-20 dollars an hour for entertainment. I bought it yesterday (mostly to try out my new graphics card) and I’m finished with it today.

  9. It usually takes me a few play sessions to get through the solo campaign, but I do agree they’re rather short. How good the multiplayer is has more of an influence on my purchase than the single player part of the game. I can definitely see how the trend toward short solo play with the expectation most of the value is in the multiplayer part would be annoying for someone in your circumstances.

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