Drunk argument ends with a knife to the ass. (#Blogathon)

You should probably reconsider who you choose as a drinking buddy if this ever happens to you:

According to deputies, both men admitted that they were drinking. They said they are friends, but what began as an early-morning toast ended with one them being taken to a local hospital with an embarrassing injury.

Capt. Jeff Papanek said the two men had been drinking, began to argue and then things got worse from there.

Deputies said the argument escalated and then one of the men was stabbed in the buttocks area.

Talk about a pain in the ass!

Yes, I admit that was a totally obvious pun, but I have to wonder when I read things like this. I mean it’s not like my friends and I were candidates for Mensa when we were growing up (OK, perhaps Daryl was, but he was the exception to the rule) and we got ourselves into some heated arguments at times, but not once did any of us ever pull a knife on each other let alone stab someone in their posterior. Anytime we put each other in danger it was totally unintentional.

Unless you count my first car, which was a 1969 Chevy Nova with no front suspension to speak of that had an alarming tendency to bottom out on the slightest bumps in the road. That was probably more dangerous to drive than it should have been and I drove friends around in it quite a bit. But even then I didn’t intend to put them in danger. It was just a matter of circumstance.

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