Does anyone actually do this? (#Blogathon)

I went upstairs to find something for lunch and I settled on a Marie Callender’s Creamy Parmesan Chicken Pot Pie we had in the feezer. While I was reading the instructions on the packaging for how to microwave it I noticed the following final step:

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If that’s still too hard to read what it says is that I should use a food thermometer to check and make sure that the inside of the pot pie has reached 165 degrees.

Now I know we’ve had a lot of problems with the safety of our food supply over the last year or two. And I’m aware that food producers are always going to cover their asses anytime they feel it’s necessary. But does anyone actually ever do this?

I know i don’t. I don’t think I even own a food thermometer and even if I did I wouldn’t bother using it to check the temperature of my pot pies. It just seems… silly. A blatant CYA move by the pot pie folks. Doubt it would stop them from being sued if one of their pies ended up killing someone. Still I suppose they have to try.

2 thoughts on “Does anyone actually do this? (#Blogathon)

  1. I think they have to do that as a CYA thing.  If they didn’t, someone wouldn’t cook it properly, get sick, and sue saying they didn’t know.  It is to protect against idiots.  I think I heard where a lot of people don’t cook these meals properly and would get food poisoning since the meat isn’t pre-cooked…so they had to change the directions.

    Damn idiots…at least they are worth a little comedy anyway.

  2. Having worked in foodservice, I can say that Yes, I have a thermometer in my home kitchen and use it fairly often (although not twice every morning like at the job).
    The last time I checked something cooked in our microwave was to positively be able to defend my stance that we needed a new appliance.
    MisterDOF likes to have hard facts as proof.

    Also bought a thermometer for the church kitchen, but former farmer’s wives don’t seem to need a tool to feed the flock.

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