“Cat Cafes” are a growing trend in Japan. (#Blogathon)

Japan is kind of like California in that the trends and fads they get into are things that could probably never happen anywhere else. Take for example the growing trend of Cat Cafes:

TOKYO—“Cat cafes”—where patrons pay $8 to $12 an hour to play with felines while they sip tea—have become a cultural trend, with at least seven of them operating.

At cafe Neko JaLaLa—neko means cat in Japanese—eight staff cats loll on the thick carpet, drape over couches, and almost purr with pleasure in the quiet atmosphere.

I love cats and I agree they can be quite relaxing, but I don’t think I could bring myself to pay up to $12 an hour at a cafe just to hang out with them. Of course it helps that I already have two cats at home that I can hang out with for free. Or at least for the cost of a bag of food, kitty litter, and a few cat toys.

Hmmmm… maybe the cafe is the cheaper option after all.

The reason this seems to work in Japan is due to how many folks have ridiculous work lives. When trying to meet a deadline it’s not uncommon for Japanese workers to never leave their offices. Cubicles with curtains along the edge of the desk so employees can sleep underneath them are not an uncommon sight. When you spend that many hours away from home caring for a cat would be problematic. Thus comes the opportunity for someone to make money with a cat cafe.

It’s a shame that probably wouldn’t work here in Michigan. I could run a shop that serves only tea and a chance to lounge around with cats. I bet it’s quite relaxing.

2 thoughts on ““Cat Cafes” are a growing trend in Japan. (#Blogathon)

  1. I think I read something a while back about the Japanese renting dogs too.  Apprently a lot of them don’t have the money for upkeep of an animal and/or space…so they rent dogs for a day so they can experience having a pet without all the responsibility…this is probably part of the same thinking.  “I like cats, can’t own a cat for X reason…I can go play with cats at X place for a small fee when I feel like it…”.

    Weird…yes.  But then again if people would be more willing to do this than take on a pet they can’t take care of…it’s a pretty decent alternative when you think about it.

    Then again…the Japanese can be a little weird.  LOL

  2. Another reason cat cafes are popular, besides the fact that cats are adorable, is that most people can’t have cats because of space issues or the cost of money that goes into a cat. In addition to that, a lot of cats here are feral cats and they live wild lives. Its really disheartening because they are usually very sick and ailing from fighting. There’s also ‘thrown away cats” who basically get put out after the owners can’t take care of it anymore. These poor cats basically become beggars at convenience stores.

    Most people just want to think of cats as the adorable animals they should be, but the every day reality is usually more gruesome. There needs to be more education of spaying and neutering cats, it would really help the problem a lot. (Also there are shelters for animals but they are very few of them that don’t destroy the animal right away.)

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