Blogger Challenge: Post your workspace! (#Blogathon)

The Blogathon folks have put forth a challenge to us participants to post a picture of our workspace to their Flicker group and then blog about it. So here’s mine:

Blogathon Workspace

As you can see, this is the desk of someone who is very ADHD. Which makes sense because I’m such a person. We could almost have a contest to see if anyone can name every item in that picture, though that probably wouldn’t be fair as some of the items are pretty well buried.

Amazingly enough I have no problems finding whatever I’m looking for.

7 thoughts on “Blogger Challenge: Post your workspace! (#Blogathon)

  1. Hm, I see pens, highlighters, speakers, headphones, a kool-aid/tobacco container in the back, some papers and CDs, some random orange liquid and a cool blue mouse. How’d I do?
    Keep it up Les, doing fantastic

  2. Not too bad. Definitely pens and highlighters, those are my wife’s. Speakers, yes, headphones, yes, no kool-aid/tobacco. That’s a container of monitor wipes. Which I’ll need after spraying coffee monitor this morning. Rest of it’s pretty accurate. The orange liquid is Gatorade.

  3. Thats a tiny screen, and only one of them! I don’t know how I ever survived with anything less than two 24” screens.

  4. Hmm, that looks strangely like my own desk. And I have a mini Gorillapod upstairs that I was playing with earlier.

    Organizer stuffed full of pens and highlighters, check (mine is a glass outdoor light fixture).

    Beverage uncomfortably close to keyboard and mouse, check.

    That looks like a cold remedy package to the left, check.

    Random small tools, check.

    Maybe I should rethink this Blogathon thing for next year. I’ve already blogged more today than I have in weeks.

  5. Here I was thinking you snatched a picture of my son’s desk before he moved.
    Every parent teacher conference of his school days, I heard all about how much a mess his desk would be, how he had to stay in from recess to tidy it up.
    It’s a wonder he ever earned a Master’s degree in Mathematics, what with all the criticism about how things kept toppling out of his desk.

  6. LMAO I had to post; that looks so much like my desk it’s uncanny. Then again, I bet many of us could saythe same.

    Sheesh!  Even the clear plastic pen holder is on the left! 

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