Blogathon 2009 starts in 9 hours!

I’m terrible at planning things and I tend to procrastinate so it shouldn’t be any surprise that I spent the evening before the start of the Blogathon running around trying to get last minute hardware rounded up. One of my goals was to broadcast a video stream live from my stereotypical blogger basement so everyone can watch me desperately trying to come up with two posts an hour. However I wasn’t entirely happy with the performance of the web cam I bought a few months back. It seems it wanted to eat up the majority of the USB bandwidth available which made for quite a bit of lag on the video. I thought it was because I had too many things running off the one USB controller (keyboard, mouse, USB headset, and web cam) and my motherboard had some extra USB headers on it so I ran around trying to locate a USB hub I could cram into a drive bay and hook to the motherboard headers. Nearly 20 local computer stores later I finally found one that had a combo multi-memory card reader/USB port device that would fit in a 3.5” drive bay and I bought it. (Big shout out to the folks at Icon Computer Solutions in Ypsilanti, MI for being the only store to have a decent selection of parts and not try to double charge for them!) Got back home and slapped it in the PC only to discover that the web cam was still using the same controller. What the hell? Then I looked at the box it came in a little more closely. It says it’s compatible with USB 2.0 and 1.1… which means it’s a 1.1 device. Sonofabitch!

That’s when I started checking around for an inexpensive USB 2.0 web cam at local stores on the web. Alas most stores that would carry such things shut down around 9PM and it was quarter to 9 by the time I found something that might work without breaking the bank and was available locally. Then I remembered that JethricOne had a web cam that was probably USB 2.0 so I called him up and asked if I could borrow it for the ‘thon. A quick trip over to his place to pick it up and I was back home in time to do some testing of the Ustream.TV service I’ll be using tomorrow with the help of ***Dave and Solonor.

Needless to say that ate up pretty much my entire afternoon/evening from the time I got out of work until just now. I never did get around to picking up any snacks or anything to munch on tomorrow so I’ll have to rely on whatever is handy in the house. Anne worked a double today and she’ll be going back in at 7:30AM for another double tomorrow so I’ll be flying solo for a good chunk of the ‘thon. Speaking of which, I’ve picked up one more pledge from my very own mom which puts me up to a total of $128.63 for the Humane Society of Huron Valley. It’s still possible to sponsor me if you’ve been considering it as they’ll be accepting pledges up until the end of the ‘thon Sunday morning. Start time tomorrow is 9AM EDT which means I get to sleep in compared to past Blogathons. Of course that also means I have to stay up later to finish it too. Oh well, I didn’t have any big plans for Sunday anyway.

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