A sure sign you’re getting older…

So I’m watching TV over the weekend when one of those Long-Term Premium Life Insurance ads pops up on the screen. You know the ones I’m talking about. The ones with some random company you’ve never heard of that offers life insurance for pennies a day with no requirement of a physical and which never expires no matter how old you get or how sick you become. The ones that start off with a statement along the lines of “If you were born between the years” followed by two dates which, up until recently, didn’t include your birth year?

Yeah, this one included my birth year. I believe the range was 1929 to 1969. I was born in 1967.

It’s a surprisingly eye opening event when the ads targeted at “old people” are now counting you as being old. I suppose at 41 I should be considering some form of life insurance outside of what I get through my employer, but I could do without being made to feel old in the process. In years past I could ignore those ads, but now they taunt me in the same insidious way my bathroom mirrors taunt me by reminding me of my continuing march towards the so-called golden years. I believe I exclaimed, upon realizing the ad was directed at me, the following: “Sonofabitch!” Said as one big word just like I wrote it there. My remote is going to have large finger sized holes in it from me crazily stabbing at the buttons every time one of those damnable ads comes on.

15 thoughts on “A sure sign you’re getting older…

  1. Hey—remember my motto.  The Golden Years Suck!  But you should at least find some comfort in being on the younger end of the era not where I am at!!!!

  2. Occasionally, yes. I DVR most of it, but I’ll sometimes flip through the channels while eating dinner.

  3. Hey, it didn’t bother me to become a great granddad, but I can’t get used to the idea that my darling little girl is now a grandmother. I am generally opposed to life insurance; when I go, I want it to be a sad day for everybody.

  4. Most Life Insurance is B/S..It’s written and underwritten by companies ( AIG ) comes to mind, that know the odds are always in their favor. Just like a Casino. For instance you get old and need SSI or a program of any type that is also public assistance related.

    Well you can kiss the Insurance Policy goodbye. They won’t let you keep it. So all the premiums you paid remain with the company. You get ZIP.

    This mostly applies to ” Term Life Insurance “

    ” Whole Life ” like a savings plan is different and more practical. And you won’t see them advertising much on TV. The budget expense plan does not allow for wasteful advertisements.

  5. Illinois state employees have an open-enrollment period from May through June. I had intended to upgrade my disability and life insurance during that time.  Except I unexpectedly spent a big chunk of May and some of June in the hospital or seriously out of commission, and the rest picking up pieces of my life.  By the time I got back to that problem, the open-enrollment period had passed.

    Oh well, as long as I don’t die or get disabled before next May…

  6. Those were one sign I was getting old (I’m in the same age range as you), but the clincher was when I noticed telltale “fine lines” under my eyes.  OMG wrinkles!!! Where’s my Oil of Olay?!?

  7. At least here they don’t target you until you are 50!

    Alas, here either.  And I’ve been throwing those envelopes away for quite a while.  cool hmm

  8. Not trying to flatter you but 41 isn’t that old…

    Just ask my parents. I don’t think of them as “old” and they’re 10-15+ on you.

    40 is the new 30!

  9. Sure, it’s a young old, but it’s still old. When the life insurance companies start targeting your age group, you’re old.

  10. Speaking as someone half a decade younger? Forty seems horrifying old, even worse than 36.


    I always hoped the exciting lifestyle I’d maintained when I was younger would have done me in before I started having to contemplate growing old.

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