A blog about Cat-Ladders. (#Blogathon)

Proving once again there’s a blog for every topic on the Internet I present to you The Cat-Ladder Blog:

A picture gallery and a tribute to all the fantastic cat-ladders of the world.

Since January 2007.

If you have a picture of a cat-ladder, please e-mail it to me and i will put it on the page.

Right now the website contains approximately 691 pictures.

Click the pictures for full size!

I wasn’t even aware there were such a thing as cat-ladders, but apparently they’re quite common and range from angled trees all the way up to elaborate spiral staricases. Here’s a typical example:

Click to embiggen!

And a more elaborate one:

Makes me wish I was handy with tools.

2 thoughts on “A blog about Cat-Ladders. (#Blogathon)

  1. Smart? For sure. But a blog dedicated to it? Never would have thought of that.
    You’ve made it half way, it’s all downhill from here. Time to let the good times roll.

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