A belated birthday wish for my little sister.

My younger sister Cindy had a birthday yesterday and I completely forgot to post a Happy Birthday Wish like I had intended to. All through the day there was something in the back of my head prompting me that I was forgetting something, but I couldn’t put my finger on what. Then when I logged into my computer at work this morning and saw the date it suddenly occurred to me what I had been forgetting. In my defense, however, I will point out that I remembered to get and send off a birthday gift for her prior to her birthday. So I’m only late in publicly acknowledging it.

So here’s a day-late Happy Birthday Wish for my sister. She’s now 37-years-old and slowly creeping up on having life insurance commercials include her birth year in their ads. Then she can feel old like her older brothers. If you get a chance drop by her blog and leave a comment. Maybe ask her how she’s survived 37 years with me for a brother.

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