The celebrities! They are dropping like flies!

Farah, MJ, Ed McMahon, and now Billy Mays. If I were prone to conspiracy theories I might start to think something was afoot. Two of the four deaths—Farah and Ed—aren’t unexpected and, honestly, Michael’s isn’t a huge surprise given all the surgery he’s subjected himself to over the years. May’s death may be the result of a head injury after a rough landing when the plane he was on lost its front wheels during a landing.

In all honesty none of these passings stirs any deep feelings in me. I’m probably one of the few guys who grew up in the 70’s and 80’s who didn’t have that iconic Farah poster on his wall. I didn’t watch the Tonight Show enough to care about Ed McMahon so most of my exposure to him was through those stupid Publisher’s Clearing House Sweepstakes ads. I’ll confess to singing along with a couple of Michael Jackson’s songs back in the 80’s, but I was never enough of a fan to buy an album and while I have nothing personal against Billy Mays I’d be lying if I didn’t admit that it’s somewhat of a relief that he won’t be making commercials anymore.

So, yeah, lots of folks dropping dead out there and the only real emotion I’ve experienced so far is annoyance at all the networks falling all over themselves to do Michael Jackson memorial shows. Though those are probably going to be less annoying in the long run than all the kiss-and-tell exposes that I’m sure we’ll be hearing about now that he’s dead and can’t sue the hell out of people he was paying to keep quiet. Already we’ve got his baby momma telling the tabloids that Michael isn’t the biological father of his kids and she doesn’t want to take custody of them. Next up will probably be the Nanny. Oh joy!

So I probably won’t be watching much television until this all dies down, if you’ll pardon the expression.

10 thoughts on “The celebrities! They are dropping like flies!

  1. I probably won’t be watching much television

    You feel this sympathy? That’s right, there is none.  I had to live through the whole Diana thing.

  2. How about the second Airbus 310 going down in the Indian Ocean? MUST BE THE END OF TIMES! Let’s hope it’s the end of the L.A. Times, anyway.  cheese

  3. I’m more than happy Mays is dead. Now we can finally rid the air of his worthless and annoying ads for crap nobody needs or wants.

  4. I think Obama is thanking MJ…

    Fox News has been busy talking about him for the last week!

  5. I understand that they are removing all of the plastic in Jackson’s body,melting it down and making Lego’s out if it so that 8 year olds can play with him for a change.

  6. Yeah, that’s a good one floating around.  Here’s a creative one I heard though…

    So, Farah dies, and god says he’ll grant her any one wish.  Farah says, “I want all the children in the world to be safe!”

    So God kills Michael Jackson.

  7. The funniest thing I’ve heard about the recent spate of celebrity deaths, from myconfinedspace:

      In the last few days we’ve lost Ed McMahon, Farrah Fawcett, and Michael Jackson.  We’ve all heard that celebrity deaths come in threes, but trust Billy Mays to give you a fourth- ABSOLUTELY FREE!

    I’m surprised that I haven’t heard more Michael Jackson jokes-I’ve only heard a handful, and they were all lame.  It seems a poorly constructed set-up that ends with child molesting is the only thing people can come up with.  I guess when somebody is that overexposed, it takes a lot to make a joke work.  The lego one was at least halfway clever.

      Boy, it’s not like the old days.  I remember in the sixth grade when Challenger exploded there were at least 6-8 different jokes being told at my very small school within 24 hours!

    And now for some random favorite Challenger punchlines, since they are still funnier than Michael Jackson jokes:

    Blue.  One blew this way and one blew that way!

    “You feed the cats, you feed the dog, and I’ll feed the fish.”

    Because they can’t get another 7-Up.

    Need Another Seven Astronauts.

    They found her Head & Shoulders on the beach.

    Enough.  Ah, sweet, sick nostalgia.  I love the smell of facepalm in the morning.

    Oh, and Karl Malden this week as well, although I suppose that being on The Streets of San Francisco with Michael Douglas doesn’t get the same kind of media attention as buying monkeys, deformed bones, self-mutilating surgery, and having sleep-overs with little boys.

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