Teen girl roasts ex-roomate’s kitten alive as a “prank.”

The picture to the left here is of 17 year-old Cheyenne Cherry who is arguably one of the most heartless asshats you’re likely to meet.

Seems she felt the need to play a “prank” on her ex-roommate so she and another unidentified juvenile broke into the apartment of said ex-roomate and proceeded to trash the place. It wasn’t enough that they threw bleach on the walls, slashed furniture, and broke light fixtures, she also decided to take the ex-roommate’s kitten and toss it into the oven which she turned on. When confronted by police she confessed:

A Bronx teenager roasted her ex-roommate’s kitten to death in a stove – then brushed off the incident as a joke when she was busted, authorities said Thursday.

“I hate cats,” Cheyenne Cherry, 17, allegedly told investigators when asked about the heartless crime.

[…] The duo bolted from the apartment with DVDs and packages of noodles, Pentangelo said.

“She didn’t want to hear the cat crying and scratching at the oven door,” Pentangelo said.

Neighbors called called firefighters when they smelled something burning in the apartment. The cat was so badly burned that they had to do a necropsy to determine its sex. Cherry was charged with aggravated cruelty to animals, burglary, arson, reckless endangerment and criminal mischief and was released to the custody of her mother. The other juvenile hasn’t been arrested.

18 thoughts on “Teen girl roasts ex-roomate’s kitten alive as a “prank.”

  1. This is some horrifying stuff.

    Experts in law enforcement and psychology agree that a person who is capable of doing this to an animal is probably capable of doing it—or something equally nasty—to a person.

    I hope this isn’t a sign that the culture of heartlessness is catching up with us.

  2. I agree with Mark…all serial killers abused/killed animals though not everyone that kills animals turns into a serial killer.

    The point is…a prank is if you shave the cat or dye it’s fur…not cook him in the oven.  Obviously there was something else going on and she is trying to get out of any real punishment saying it is a prank. 

    Well, guess what.  If you prank call the president with a death threat…they will still send you to jail…this shouldn’t be any different.  She intended harm on this person and should be punished.  I shudder to think about what would have happened had the victim been home.

  3. Prank is definitely a mis-characterization.

    Whoops I cooked your cat?

    Although I did know a kid who put his cat in a microwave. He was 8 years old, and the kid just got it inside from a blizzard.

  4. “She didn’t want to hear the cat crying and scratching at the oven door,” Pentangelo said.

    And you claimed she was “heartless.” She knew if she heard the cat crying she may have relented and let the poor thing go free. She has a heart, she just knows how to overcome that little weakness.  angry

  5. That is horrible.  That girl needs to be locked up.  A person who could do that should not be free.

  6. She needs a large stove to be stuck in and turn on high.  That shit is so messed up. If some bitch came in to my house and touched one of my animals I would be spending some time behind bars.

  7. I see your kitten and raise you a human being

    That’s both sick and weird – cooking the goose that laid the golden egg? Then, again, maybe the teen is the sicko and set the fire herself to get her foster mom in trouble. Things are not always what the appear to be – hell, they’re NEVER what they appear to be.

  8. I can scarcely bear to think about stories like this one.  It is deeply disturbing.

    Across the pond: Three youths stamp fawn to death.  Take that, Bambi!

    Cruelty is awful enough, but I can’t comprehend how it can be directed at the most inoffensive of creatures.

    Cowardice seems to play a role. Somewhere I read that during WW one, people would mistreat or kick dachshunds, or “wiener dogs” because they were “German dogs”.  No record of people walking up and kicking a German Shepherd, though.

  9. I’m sorry for saying this but…this stupid bitch needs to be roasted in an oven herself.  I mean seriously what kind of sick demented fuck do you have to be to roast a cat in an oven!  The bitch deserves to die!  Save the rest of the world having to deal with this twisted bitch when she moves on to become a serial killer.  On second thought…I’m not sorry for saying this…

  10. Brian as Ghandi said, “And eye for an eye makes the whole world blind”.  It may not be possible to redeem this person but I’d like to think it’s worth trying.

  11. I cant believe someone would be as cold hearted to do this to an innocent animal.. and if she did it as a prank to her roomate. then my god she must have some screws loose.. cause thats certainly not thinking very sane.. i hope she gets whats comming to her.. and i certainly hope she doesnt get off the hook for this! People that abuse animals make me sick to my stomach! especially a defensless kitten! I prey she gets what she deserves! Say NO to Animal Cruelty..

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