Sometimes the Republicans take my breath away…

The hypocrisy and chutzpah Conservative leaders and pundits display is amazing. Not only are they immune to reality, but they project their worst traits onto their opponents and try to tie their own extremists to liberals when it’s obvious that the extremist was a Conservative. Watch this collection of clips compiled by Media Matters for just a brief taste of their nonsense in one week:

I don’t tend to watch or listen to Conservative pundits or the Fox News Channel because I don’t think my blood pressure could take it. The lies and hate being spewed by the right is ramping up their nutters and not only do they refuse to accept responsibility for their actions, but they try to blame the resulting mayhem on the left. The saddest part is they can’t even get their own history correct.

7 thoughts on “Sometimes the Republicans take my breath away…

  1. I used to dismiss it as hyperbole, but it really is starting to seem like there are two distinct Americas with decreasing overlap. We experience reality in different ways and seem to be losing even a shared history. I can’t imagine that this bodes well for the future.

  2. In contrast:

    Both of political parties’ shit stinks. Seriously, with the exception of a few wedge issues (gays, guns, etc.) they are both the same. Both have grown the size of government over the decades, and both have consolidated power and changed the rules to the point of it being impossible for any viable 3rd party to threaten the status quo.

    I am not calling Nader the man to change this, but look at all of the bullshit he had to go through in past elections.

  3. Vjack: I agree. There are some strange and potent differences in the ways we view the world: the thing is that the electorate on both sides, whether they are trying or not, are capitalizing on that.

    I read a study suggesting that conservatives were more motivated by fear and notions of tradition – but, looking at this last election, that’s not hard to understand. I’m sure that 2004, 2000, 1996, etc. would have given us the same polarity on different traits.

    I weigh MSNBC and Fox on the same scale, although I have to admit that Keith Olbermann is more pleasant to listen to than BillO.

  4. Mike, I find it somewhat amusing that an obviously biased site like Conservapedia had such a lame collection of liberal hate speech. Not one of the quotes listed comes close to the advocacy for open violence that the Republicans engage in. They pale in comparison to almost anything said by Limbaugh and Coulter alone.

  5. Thanks for showing the video, Les. Quite disturbing.
    I think we all suspected that his would happen with the election of the first black president.  But it is interesting to actually see it as it is playing out. In some ways, it is surprising that the rhetoric and violence is not worse. And especially with an economic crisis, which is never good for public sanity and discourse.
    Limbaugh and O’Reilly and Hannity and Beck are the modern McCarthyists. Demagoguery on steroids.

  6. Let’s us pray an imprecatory prayer for all the misinformed, careless, lying media . Shall we bow our heads….Dear imaginary dude in the sky…

    But seriously. How sad. How sad that there are people who follow these stories and jerks. My husbands family love Rush Limbaugh…  And We are just dumb founded and don’t get it. I can’t even tell what their agenda is anymore, it’s all over the place!
    Oh! Science help us!

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