Put together your own Baloney Detection Kit.

The folks at the Richard Dawkins Foundation have started putting out videos on YouTube. The first has Michael Sherman explaining how to put together your own Baloney Detection Kit for use when considering what the truth of a particular claim might be:

Good stuff and I’m looking forward to their future productions.

Found via Atheist Media Blog.

3 thoughts on “Put together your own Baloney Detection Kit.

  1. Nice video. Shermer has always been a very interesting skeptic, he makes a lot of appearances on TV and so forth. There are a lot of interesting skeptical/pro-science videos out there by Dawkins but also by James Randi or youtube users like “qualiasoup” and so forth. All very interesting, though most people who watch these kind of videos are already skeptics, so it seems like its preaching to the converted in most cases. As leguru alluded to, those who are not already skeptics who watch these kind of videos usually seem too far gone, especially creationists. Hopefully there are at least some people who change their minds because of these kind of videos.
    I finished Dawkins’ “The God Delusion” yesterday. Very nice book, the last chapter alone is quite earth shattering, let alone the rest.

  2. As much as I like the idea of this, the RDF is going to have to dumb this stuff way down if they want to reach the average Christian who did not attend college. Shermer is jumping around too much and talking over the heads of many of those who most need to be reached.

    This is great for educated people. In fact, I might consider using this clip in one of the undergrad classes I teach. But I think that it overshoots those who desperately need to see it.

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